All the Hell vs Heaven Combinations

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    Hell vs. Heaven

    Item List

    For added clarity about what exactly this is for people who don't already know, it is a combination list of the Warcraft 3 custom Map: "Hell vs Heaven Final". This list is not guaranteed to supply information for the later HvH maps such as Reloaded and Eternal. I have not played any HvH map after the final map by Elpriede. So, go ahead and use this for whatever good it is in the later versions or Final. Also, if this list or the her list in the second thread has helped you a lot, please give me rep for it if you feel that it is deserved. Enjoy :)

    Angel Fire- Orb of Fire + Nature Stone
    Angel Ice- Orb of Frost + Nature Stone
    Angel Lightning- Orb of Lightning + Nature Stone
    Angel Pain- Claws of Attack + Nature Stone
    Angel Power- Angel: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Pain
    Beastmaster Claw- Angel Lightning + Claw of Attack
    Kelen’s Dagger of Escape- Celestial Power + Sword + Angel Lightning
    Frostmourne- Celestial power + Angel ice + Frostguard
    Crown of Ner'zhul- Angel Ice + Crown of Kings + Bladebane Armor+ Celestial Power
    Storm hammer- Angel Lightning + Celestial power + Hammer
    Lord of Ring- Ring of Protection + Angel Power
    Frost Wyrm Skull Shield- Angel Ice + Shield
    Excalibur- Sword + Angel Power
    Magma Gauntlets- Angel Fire + Gauntlets of Atlas + Celestial Power
    Gauntlets of the Land- Angel Pain + Gauntlets of Atlas
    Frostguard- Angel Ice + sword
    Killmaim- Angel ice + Axe
    Searing Blade- Angel fire + Sword
    Serathil- Angel Fire + Axe
    Shield of Honor- Angel Fire + Shield
    Crown of Legend- Crown of Kings + Angel Power
    Hermes’ Gloves- Angel Ice + Gloves of Haste + Celestial Power
    Hood of Cunning- Bladebane Armor + Celestial Power + Angel Pain
    Death Staff- Necklace of Spell Immunity + Angel Pain + Celestial power + Mindstaff
    Legend Skull Hammer- Hammer + Celestial power + Angel Power
    Golden Halberd- Axe + Angel Power + Celestial Power
    Blade of Illidan- Dagger of Escape +Nature Stone + Beastmaster claws
    Shield of Legend- Angel Power + shield
    Shield of Nature- Shield of Legend + Nature stone + Celestial power
    Shield of Rainbow- Shield of Nature + Angels (angel F,I,P,L)
    Gloves of Spell Mastery- Gloves of haste + Angel Lightning
    Gauntlets of Archimonde- Gloves of Spell Mastery + Heart of Archimonde
    Staff of Merlin- Mindstaff + Angel fire + Necklace of Spell Immunity
    Staff of God- Staff of Merlin + Heart of God
    Blood Stone- Angel Power + Angel Fire + Nature Stone
    Rune Blood- Blood Stone+ Sword
    Rune Stone- Blood Stone + Angel Ice + Crown of Kings
    Gauntlets of Cretria- Rune Stone + Celestial Power + Gauntlets of Atlas+ nature stone

    NOTICE: The following items are made/mixed in the "Frozen Throne" (the Lich King area behind Hell's base):
    -Crown of Ner'zhul

    I have made a Hell vs Heaven complete guide located HERE so please check it out and look it over. It is now done and includes great strategies,tips, and all the basics.
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    Hell vs. Heaven

    Hero List

    Hero Essence combinations:
    Diablo: Mighty Devil- Devil Essence in Secret Shop
    Tyrael: Mighty God- God Essence in Secret Shop
    Archimonde: Allmighty Devil- Devil Essence + Heart of Archimonde
    Furion: Lord of God- God Essence + Heart of God
    Arthas: Grand Death Knight- Mask of Death + Angel Ice + Angel Pain + Crown of Kings
    Iris: Goddess of Rainbow- Arch Angel Essence + Holy Spirit Essence + Nature Stone + Angel Power
    Nazghul: Shadow Knight- Ring of Protection + Fallen Angel Essence + Death Essence + Dagger of Escape
    Elpriede: Chosen One- Runestone (see above item list)

    How to play as the Hero (altars to become them):
    Diablo: Mighty Devil- Top Left Waygate Altar
    Tyrael: Mighty God- Top Right Wagate Altar
    Archimonde: Allmighty Devil- Altar of Power (Altar in the Waygate Area)
    Furion: Lord of God- Altar of Power (Altar in Waygate Area)
    Arthas: Grand Death Knight- Frozen Throne Altar
    Iris: Goddess of Rainbow- Tyreal's Altar (same as his)
    Nazghul: Shadow Knight- Diablo's Altar (Same as his)
    Elpriede: Chosen One- Altar of the Chosen (right below the Altar of Power in waygate area..its the blue circle with the 4 crystals around it and the need a Dagger of Escape to get there)

    1. Use the item list (1st post) to make the Runestone (try different altars if the one youre in does not work)
    2. Get a "Kelen's Dagger of Escape" (use item list above)
    3. Put the Runestone in your first item slot and the dagger in youre second slot
    4. go to the "Altar of Power" located in the area with the 4 gateways
    5. Directly below the altar of power is a " blue circle with a moonbeam in the middle and 4 'crystals' around it...locate this (this is the altar of the chosen)
    6. use the Kelen's Dagger of Escape to "blink" into the altar while you have the runestone in your inventory.
    7. you should now have become Elpreide: The Chosen One and if you get up to level 30 you can now pwn everyone and everyhing. Congrats!

    NOTICE: I have made a Hell vs Heaven complete guide located Here so plz check it out and look it over. It is now done and includes great stratagies,tips, and all the basics.
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  3. Bukulama

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    Thx For helping me before

    U helped me before and i help u back Huhu
    Nazgul = Ring of Protection + Fallen Angel Essence + Death Essence + Dagger of Escape
    Iris = Arch Angel Essence + Holy Spirit Essence + Nature Stone + Angel Power
  4. Bukulama

    Bukulama Guest


    Is there item called golve of iris and Fire Demom Hero ?Cuz i saw somebody talk bout it..
  5. 1)ark_Knight

    1)ark_Knight -- Not Very Active At This Time -- i dont think so i know every secret hero and ive never heard of any of those

    thx, Bukulama for the combinations
  6. Bukulama

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    Oh ya, that Iris and Nagzul only work in Final version? cuz i tried it on the 1st version it does't seem to be work..
  7. DDRtists

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    Does anyone even play that game anymore?
  8. 1)ark_Knight

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    lol, i doubt it this post used to be popular b4 the crash but now its not...ive stopped playing HvH but everynow and then ill play
  9. Dang

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    once you get the Irus thing, wer the fuck is Irus's alter? i cant find it anywhere...same as nazgul alter wer are they?
  10. nightmaster

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    r u sure u have all the idems listed? i had someone ask me how to make gaunt of nazgul or gaunt of narzuel
  11. nightmasters

    nightmasters Guest

    death's staff

    deaths staff is mindstaff angel pain cp and angel power im pretty sure but not positive
  12. Seth Cross

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    You should try registering if you're going to have a lot of questions :) That way you can edit your posts and include all your questions in one post, instead of 3.

    Not to mention that it's a pretty cool place to have an account for. And it's free! All the best things in life are, after all.
  13. nightmaster

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    thanks for the tip and deaths staff is neck of spell imun+cp+angel pain+mindstaff
  14. Hii

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    Where do you go to make the Gauntlets of Creria?

    FJUDSDSF Guest


    where is the altars for these heros
  16. Eccho

    Eccho Guest

    where am i suppose to place the items for the gauntlets of cretria? cause i had all the ingredients but couldnt find where to mix them
  17. Testing it

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    The gauntlets of Cretia are made in the same altar where you become the chosen one
  18. Hyperdude123

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    Is it true that green and red are rigged?
  19. angelz

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    how to make lord of ring??? pls someone tell me
  20. no username

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    i noticed you didnt have nature shield, shield of legend, and rainbow shield on it

    shield of legend= angel power+shield
    nature shield= shield of legend+nature stone
    rainbow shield= nature shield+all angels not made into angel power yet

    all of these should be mixed in middle lighting

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