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  1. Seth Cross You want to see a magic trick?


    Welcome to Build-A-Character!

    Q) What is Build-A-Character? [BAC for short. Said like "back" for those of you who are nerdy enough to actually talk about it off-forum.]

    BAC is dedicated for people interested in posting their characters for stories, random ideas, or just for the fun of it and get feedback. Keep in mind, this is an OPEN SOURCE, meaning anything you post here is usable by anyone passing by. Plan on becoming a famous author with your character as the main character of a story and don't want to see the exact character in another person's story? Probably shouldn't post it here. But who's to say? Not I... Not I.

    Q) What kind of information do I need to post my BAC character? [Heh... Build-A-Character Character... Redundancy, HUA!]

    Whatever you like! Height, weight, eye color, hair color, number of extremeties [what?!] etc. etc. This is meant to be a place of creativity. Random aliens and otherworldly creatures are welcome [albeit, we might stare. A little bit.]

    Q) Is there any kind of limits or restrictions on BAC characters? [Heh... It's still funny.]

    I'd say let's leave it to your better judgement, but well... What better judgement? :) I'll let the inmates run the asylum for now, but don't you fret. I'll be lurking in the shadows, willing to delete posts, -rep users and ban complete idiots from the forum for all eternity :)

    So for now, the rules are that there are no rules... Except that you must post characters!

    Enjoy the insanity.

    Just not too much o_O
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  2. Ninva Retired

    This and similar threads may be beneficial for the build a story threads. :thup:
  3. iPeez Hot food far all world wide!

    Hmmm. I just got an idea based off your thread here. I am not doing much of anything, but have interest in a lot of things, role-playing is one of them. I just had this idea of making RP-custom-character fill in sheets in Photoshop! :O - again, I do very little research and a small search on Google would probably reveal a thousand different of these. But anyways! xO
  4. Seth Cross You want to see a magic trick?

    That's the idea!

    I may post a character later that I had planned on using in a book at some point.
  5. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    *Majorly Revised History*

    Thanks for letting me share. Lemme know if he sounds any kind of interesting, 'k?
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  6. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    *Revised History*

    Thanks for letting me share!
  7. Ninva Retired

    These are good. :thup:
  8. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    *Revised Powers and History*

    Thanks for letting me share.
  9. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    *Majorly Revised History*

    Thanks for letting me share. Have I hijacked this thread? My apologies if that's the case, I'll continue these in a separate thread if desired.
  10. Seth Cross You want to see a magic trick?

    You're using the thread for it's intended purpose. No worries at all, if I could, I'd +rep each post you've given here.

    For those who haven't noticed, I tend to +rep those who contribute to the WC.

    I will most likely be posting character bios for a fan-fantasy style thing I'm working on... I just have to actually type something up.
  11. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Word, thanks for that. I wanna see some characters from other writers' worlds, with ya'lls own unique ideas and twists, so post yours when you can, Seth, and hopefully some of the others will start to add their own.

    I know I've been looking forward to it, and still am.
  12. C-Death I love you

    The wailing woman
    Species: Ghost/spirit/specter
    Sub-Species: : N/A
    Genre: Fantasy

    Physical description:
    The wailing woman is nothing but a myth or legend. Some say she exists, others deny it. Travelers have reported seeing a crying young woman with black hair and blue eyes wearing a white dress. Every time she’s been seen, she’s been cradling an invisible baby in her arms. Whether she’s seen in a forest or in the mountains, those who claim to have seen her say that the sound of a woman crying seems to follow her.
    Only one man has ever claimed to have spoken to her, he said that she would only say four words, and that she would say them over and over: “My child is dead.”
    The wailing woman has never been known to cause any direct physical harm to anyone. As the reports say, she carries nothing but an invisible child in her arms. Travelers who have seen her say that looking in to her eyes will cause utter insanity and lust. Once a man is stricken by her, the legends say that she vanishes. The effects of the insanity she inflicts are slow at first. Men have been known to dream about her all day and night. These men will often become rather socially isolated. The desire they feel to find and hold this woman often causes one to seek her out again.
    Naturally, those who seek her out cannot find her. One falls so madly in love with her that when they fail to find her, they abandon all hope for life and kill themselves.
    The only words she has ever spoken to those who find her are “my child is dead.” She seems to be nothing but utterly devastated at the apparent loss of her child; and therefore her personality is only of sadness and despair.
    Personal growth:
    Claims of seeing her have been reported for thousands of years. No one knows for sure exactly why her spirit remains; but it’s safe to say that it probably has something to do with her child. Perhaps she’s waiting for some brave adventurer to find her dead child and bring her peace? (wink wink nudge nudge)
    Once in a while, where she has been seen, adventures and travelers have found a sigil carved into trees or rocks.

    For what ever reason, I've also drawn up a sigil for her (woot for my leet art skills)

    Don't know why you would want to, but feel free to use/edit the sigil to your desires.

    The sigil:
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  13. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Cool character, C-Death. Is this a character for a story you have in the works, or is it just one you came up with off the top of your head? I really liked the insanity aspect the Wailing Woman, it really gave the character something to go with. What's the sigil all about, any idea? It does look kinda nifty, I'm glad you had fun drawing it! =D

    Thanks for sharing, there.
  14. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    *Majorly Revised History*

    Thanks for letting me share.
  15. C-Death I love you

    Off the top of my head :D I don't know about the sigil. In my main writings, it has a lot to do with demons and my own brand of demon hunters, and sigils are very important. Plus, who doesn't love drawing on parchment? :p
  16. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    *Majorly Revised History*

    Thanks for letting me share.

  17. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Just want to point out that I'm finding this to be an excellent resource, personally. At first I was just trying to have a bit of fun, but now I'm actually trying to thresh out a whole plethora of these characters so as to create the world through them. It's actually the most effective pre-writing technique I feel like I've ever employed.

    Good idea, man. I appreciate this thread a lot. Thanks for making it.
  18. C-Death I love you

    The gears of my mind are always turning. To be honest, I make up a lot of my writing on the spot, as I write. I'm thinking that, maybe, when a demon kills, it's sigil shows up on its victim, or something like that.
  19. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Yeah, I'd suggest you try to get out of that habit, bro. I've got that same exact issue that I've been struggling to rectify for years now, and I'll admit that it's been slow progress. Just about all of my best work has been done with about 0% pre-writing accomplished, but all of my best work has been left unfinished. It's maddening, dude.

    That's why I'm writing out all of these characters before I start writing the story - if I know who they are and what they do before I add them to the story, then I'll be able to connect thoughts, characters and the plot itself in a much more organized and successful manner, I suspect. I'm sure you run into the same problems as me, forsaking pre-writing the way you do. It's worth trying out, boss.

    I can respect your idea with the sigil 'cuz it's sort of like a murderer's signature... cool concept. Still, I feel like it should be more substantial than that, like it should hold some sort of power or some such after it's in place. But you know, whatever works for your story. Thanks for sharing, dude.
  20. KaerfNomekop Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.

    You've made up pretty much the whole thread xD.

    I'll post something up tomorrow.

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