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  1. monoVertex I'm back!

    I often like to collect things and one of them are Blizzard CGI Cinematics :D. So I tried to get them all in the highest quality available and arranged them nicely. And I thought that it would be nice to provide some lore explanations along with videos to the community. So here goes the Diablo part!




    The Butcher


    Archbishop Lazarus


    Map of the Stars


    Rogue Ending


    Sorcerer Ending


    Warrior Ending







    Act I - Sister's Lament


    Act II - Desert Journey


    Act III - Mephisto's Jungle


    Act IV - Enter Hell


    Epilogue - Terror's End


    Lord of Destruction: Introduction


    Lord of Destruction: Destruction's End





    Diablo Wiki | Blizzard: Diablo 3 | Wikipedia: Diablo III

    -I did not include the Hellfire cinematic, as it is not a Blizzard cinematic;
    -Warcraft section coming soon.
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  2. Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

    Haha very nice compilation. ive seen each of those videos at least 50 times. I love the LoD intro. the guy just goes splat. Also like the Enter hell and the tyreal/baal diablo fight scene :D

    While you did mention that only the warrior's cutscene is canonical, you should mention that in the final version of the game they actually did remove the rogue and sorcerer ending.

    Also: Ahhhhhh fresh meat
  3. Samael88 Evil always finds a way

    Nice Smith :) It was a while since I last watched these and I have been thinking about recapping for a while now:thup:

    I just realized something when I watched the D3 teaser. The monster depicted there has three mouths, the two other besides the normal one are positioned on the shoulders. If it is the new boss then perhaps that can be of help in finding out which demon that is:D
  4. Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

    i noticed that too but i thought we all agreed already that it was diablo? D:

    i really wanna see a butcher reincarnation
  5. monoVertex I'm back!

    Well, the Butcher and the Map of the Stars videos where removed as well. And I just didn't mention on the Rogue and Sorcerer ending that they were removed, because I felt they were pretty important.

    Anyway, just so there is no confusion, I'll add that to the Youtube pages and here.
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  6. Samael88 Evil always finds a way

    It is yet to be confirmed by blizzard.
    It could be since he is the lord of terror and assumes the form of the thing that scares his beholder the most.

    One thing I really does not understand about the lore:
    The Prime Evils (Diablo, Baal and Mephisto) where banished to Sanctuary by the Lesser Evils.
    When the Arch Angels found out that there where Prime Evils in Sactuary they created the soul stones and Tyrael Assembled the Horadrim.
    The Horadrim used the soul stones to capture the Prime Evils.
    The Prime Evils corrupted the stones and got out.
    When the Soul Stones was destroyed the Respective Prime Evils where sent back to hell?

    How the heck could the Soul Stones be the things binding them to the Sanctuary when they where there long before the Soul Stones where even created?:confused::nuts:
  7. monoVertex I'm back!

    You are a bit wrong. The Soulstones were supposed to contain the demons and not let them manifest in the Sanctuary. Heh, if it was after Tyrael and the humans, they would have banished the Prime Evils back into Hell, but that was beyond their power. So the Soulstones were supposed to be prisons, in the absence of a better way to deal with the demons.

    However, the Prime Evils corrupted the soulstones and used them to tap into the energies of the Worldstone, a reservoir of tremendous energies (the soulstones were shards taken from the worldstone). By doing this, I think the stones also started to act as a safety link, so if the demons are slain, they can come back to life through the stones.

    Speaking about death, when the Prime Evils were defeated in Diablo II and LoD, they were not sent into the Burning Hells, but into the Black Abyss, a realm which is known to be the birth place of demons and also the place where they return when they die.

    After that, the soulstones were destroyed as a security measure, to ensure that the Prime Evils would not spawn again. The same effect would have been achieved by simply killing the demons and then destroying the Worldstone, but none of the characters could know that they would have to destroy the Worldstone, after the events in LoD :p.

    Also, I noticed another small error in your post. The soulsones were created by Tyrael himself, not by the Archangels. As a matter of fact, the soulstones' creation and the assembly of the Horadrim were done with no approval from the Angiris council. He was supposed to not interfere at all with the Sanctuary, according to the pact made at the end of The Sin War between Baal and the Angiris Council.

    For some lecture, read this and this.

    Ask me if you have any more questions about the lore :D. I really like this game's lore and I have also started to read the books, and read a lot from the Wiki so I think I know pretty much about the lore.

    EDIT: About the demon saw in the Diablo III Teaser: It was not identified until now. Blizzard did not confirm it is Diablo, or anyone else. Theoretically, it is impossible that it is Diablo, since he went back to his birth place and is beyond mortal touch (or even demonic or angelic, I think), so I doubt he can be summoned. Maybe by some being from outside the Sanctuary, Burning Hells or High Heavens. Maybe by a realm guardian, like Trag'Oul (although this is getting a bit stretched :p).

    However, if it is not Diablo or some part of it, at least, the name of the game becomes a little absurd. So I guess it has something to do with Diablo. A theory states that that demon might be a fusion of the three Prime Evils (it does have 3 mouths, doesn't it? :p).
  8. Samael88 Evil always finds a way

    That was what I said:p
    That I did not know^^ Thanks for clearing that question mark out for me:thup:

    This quote is the first row of the link you yourself added, if the order was not aware, who was it then that was ordered to create them by Tyrael?
    Well, he has to come back sometime you know:p
    I have been on that train of thought a couple of times as well, but I always end up thinking that it is to absurd.

    They have confirmed that both Belial and Azmodan is going to be in the game. They have even stated that the second act will be intriguing due to Belials presence.
    I am currently thinking Azmodan(http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Azmodan).
    Why? Because of this paragraph:
    From this page:
    Which is linked from the diablo wikias Azmodan page:thup:
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  9. Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

    The only possibility i can see is diablo, or possibly what smith said, a mix of the three. i say this because the big demon as seen has a hole in his forehead, at the exact same spot diablo had his soulstone. Baal's soulstone was jammed into his chest. We never got to see where mephistos stone was but in the cinematic you can tell that it's not in his head.

    EDIT: didnt see the post you just made about azmodan, that might be a possibility too actually with the three heads, but azmodan never ever had a soulstone to begin with though D:
  10. Samael88 Evil always finds a way

    It was Smith that mentioned the mix of the three, not I:p

    The biggest piece of mephistos soulstone was put in Sankekurs left hand, his was the body that Demon posessed. The other 6 pieces was put in the left hands of 6 High Council members of the Zakarum.

    I don't see why everyone is so hyped up about the soulstones, don't you think something like that would be gone after the Demons trip to the Abyss:rolleyes:
    Edit: With something like that I am referring to the hole in their heads.
  11. Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

    srry i fully thought you mention it.
    "don't you think something like that would be gone after the Demons trip to the Abyss"
    clearly not though, because the hole is right there, its even used to make the middle line of III in Diablo III
  12. monoVertex I'm back!

    Well, I don't know who actually created the Soulstones :p. But it is wrong to suppose that the Angiris Council created them, because:

    1. Tyrael was not commanding the Angiris Council, so he could not order them;
    2. He was not supposed to interfere with the mortals.

    From your post, I understood that you think that the Soulstones were supposed to keep the demons from going back to Hell, while they actually had to keep them from manifesting their powers into Sanctuary. That's why I explained that :p.
  13. Samael88 Evil always finds a way

    I know that, but if the demons where doing so then they had to stop them you know.
    The one who has never used another persons wrong doings as an excuse to do the same thing yourself shall have the right to protest:p

    Yeah, that was what I was reflecting over, how they in the lore say that with the stones gone the lords where banished from sanctuary. This made it sound as if they needed them to be there which was odd since they where there long before the stones where created.
    It seemed that the lore contradicted itself on that point but I thank you for the explanation, even though it was a misunderstanding you gave me the information I needed to understand what I did not:thup:
  14. monoVertex I'm back!

    When I read the Sin War books, I saw that the Archangels are pretty uninterested in the Sanctuary. At first, Tyrael was as well and his main goal was to drive all parts into chaos, so they would not stand united when the legions of the High Heavens came to destroy Sanctuary. However, he realized that humans are more than they appear to be and changed his mind, supporting them. Only one other Archangel (I forgot her name) supported the humans as well, but she is the supposed Archangel of Love, so it was her nature to do so.

    Even more, when the three Prime Evils were banished to the sanctuary, the Archangels might have not even noticed that, except Tyrael, of course. If they would have seen that, I think that they would have come to the Sanctuary themselves to, most probably, destroy it, so it does not falls into the hands of the demons.

    In the world of Diablo, "angels" and "demons" are not quite what they mean in the real world. Sure, demons are pure evil, but angels are not really good, in fact, most of them represent a chaotic good, to speak so. From what is suggested in the book, there are infinite realms in the Universe and the Burning Hells, High Heavens and the Sanctuary are just some of these realms (although the Sanctuary was not made at the moment of Creation and not by the power that created all the other realms). So you could say that the angels and the demons are just different races, in a war, in the same way the Germans were fighting the British in the World War II. Also, angels probably have no connection to the power that created the Universe, a so called "God", as opposed to the Christian Angels.
  15. esb Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.

  16. monoVertex I'm back!

    Oh, lol, I actually saw that statuette a while ago, but I never knew about that caption xD. So it's Diablo in the end.
  17. Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

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  18. Samael88 Evil always finds a way

    I can agree that the statue makes it seem that way, although I would like to add that up in the right corner of that picture it clearly states "Not final product". Not to forget that the webpage that sells them makes it seem like they still have not been delivered^^

    Although I see your points with it I would not look my mind on that answer if I where you since it is not a "final" answer:p
  19. Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

  20. monoVertex I'm back!

    Starcraft story is up. Link

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