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Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by Exide, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!


    Does anyone know what Dota Pickup is?
    Can someone please explain it to me? :p

    Also, I'd like to join some serious Dota clan that plays in tournaments and stuff. But I have no clue where or how to find these.

    Info appriciated. :)
  2. Tonks

    Tonks New Member

    Eww.. No, trust me, you don't want to join a serious dota clan. They're full of 9-year-old elitist brats.

    I'm guessing dota pickup is a pickup game of dota? Basically where you get a bunch of people together without a predetermined schedule and play a game. At least, that's what the term refers to in hockey.
  3. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

    Oh, I see.

    Well, I'm tired of playing Public games on, it's full of leavers and beginners. :S
    Can't play a full game without having 2-3 people ruining it after 20 mins..
  4. uberfoop

    uberfoop ~=Admiral Stukov=~

    Why is the 'omg some1 left' thing there anyway? Is there an actual reason as to why people traditionally dont use leaver's heroes?
  5. Lord_Phoenix

    Lord_Phoenix Dogs are fuzzy

    it requires too much skill to use TWO carrion swarms than one.
  6. risen_jihad

    risen_jihad New Member

    Um, you don't get the gold by using leaver's heroes, it can be difficult to micro another hero *for some* and the fact that your gold is not at the full income of two heroes, yet you are purchasing items for two heroes can often be a pain the neck :/
  7. Mr Zero

    Mr Zero Junior Regular (Got the T-shirt)

    Too much skill for pressing something like four buttons, good one... :p
  8. Frozenhelfir

    Frozenhelfir set Gwypaas = Guhveepaws

    You forget the fact that other people on the team will probably try and move the leaver into the base or do something else with it. It is too hard to control your hero and fight with someone else over the leaver.
  9. Tonks

    Tonks New Member

    I suggested to IceFrog (he truly is an ass) that there be a function for claiming control over a hero. Basically my idea was to have it so that you could claim control over a leaver's hero, and have the gold still go to the leaver, but have the hero use the leaver's gold. Make it a bit easier to micro.
  10. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

    I don't know why people don't use leaver's heroes.
    I remember in the original Dota (for RoC), that someone took control of the leaver and used two heroes at once.
    There are some rules in the Quest menu to read, though. Which says something about using leavers is not allowed.. I thought that was for tournament, sort of things, though.. I don't know. :p
  11. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

    It isn' t propriate to use leavers heroes. Usually their items will be sold as "team sell". Without items leavers hero is good only for defending base a bit or helping disable enemy hero.
  12. U are a noob

    U are a noob Mega Super Ultra Cool Member

    The reason why dota has been so good is because its a simple game and they wouldn't want to mess it up by getting complicated. Plus in a 3v3 game its extremely hard to control 2 heroes because you have to do it across the map and thats pretty hard. Oh sure you can move the hero to your lane so you can control it easier but now your getting half the exp so now you opponent will be 11 while your 7-8 then your done and your dead. Now you might decide to leave the other hero behind but its to late not only your out level by the guy your going against, you are also out leveled by every one in the whole game because you had to split exp. Now lets go back to the beginning where the leaver first leaves and lets say you decide to close a lane so its only 2 lanes where one lane would be the normal 1v1 and the other lane is 2v2(One of which is leaver) the problem with this now your going against a 2v1 in creeping. Creeping means to wait until a unit is close to death and then striking it. Not only that you would also lose in denies. Denies is when a unit is below half life and you kill it so the enemy doesn't get that much exp for it. So this means you will have less gold,exp, and you will lose because denies and creeping is one of the main ways of winning a game. Thats why heroes like Naix, Spirit Breaker, PA, are not imbalanced because they are melee and harder to creep with. Ive once seen a Naix at level 2 while the his opponent was 7 and the Naix never died. Those "imba" hero are suppose to be dominated at the beginning of a game or your will need to do special strategies to beat them. And now you can see where the whole " 'omg some1 left' " came from.

    The reason why I wrote this is because I was tired of people saying dota sucks and is imba when they dont even know its pretty balanced.
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  13. SFilip

    SFilip Gone but not forgotten

    From now on...
    Each and every topic concerning or even mentioning "DotA" will immediately be closed starting with this one. You people just can't keep it without someone saying how much it "sucks" or "rulez".
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