Fake Dota Maps

Discussion in 'World Editor News' started by The Helper, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. The Helper

    The Helper Administrator Staff Member

    from http://www.dota-allstars.com/

    Fake DOTA Maps
    There are a few people that have been spreading fake maps. The 6.42 that is floating around the net is not even a leaked beta, it is a fake map with hacks. Official maps will always be posted first on getdota.com, if you don't find it there then don't download it.


    Someone posing as Icefrog posted one of these fake maps on the map server and I notice that some sites link to this site even though we removed that file once we found out it was fake.
  2. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

    :(, damned DotA and it's infernal Monopoly of WC3 custom mapping, I think they should be let to spread, not here ofcourse, but other places, so those retard hardcore fans download them and get viruses
  3. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

    How can they hack a protected map, though?

    Is it possible?
  4. Tonks

    Tonks New Member

    Yes, it's really not very hard. Vex's Optimizer is the only one that makes it difficult, because you can't tell which settings were enabled when it was used.

    "If Warcraft 3 can read the map so you can play it, so can anyone else."
  5. uberfoop

    uberfoop ~=Admiral Stukov=~

    You didnt notice the thread about 6.32b which also has a link to the 6.41 deprotected?

    The data that the game reads for playing the map is all you need to reconstruct basic editor files.
  6. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

    Can't you mess with triggers and stuff, to make it crash WE when you open the map? Or something similar?
  7. uberfoop

    uberfoop ~=Admiral Stukov=~

    No. Nothing in a functional trigger set will crash wc3 when u open the map. Besides, the triggers must be uncorrupted or the map wouldnt play.

    Hence why reassembling war3map.j into triggers works.
  8. Tonks

    Tonks New Member

    Generally, people corrupt certain files or mess with data tags to protect maps, so that they cannot be opened in World Editor. This is why you do not open them in WE, but you use MPQ Editing programs to restore the corrupted files or fix the tags. It's not easy unless you understand the Wc3 file structure and layout.
  9. ayumilove

    ayumilove Youtube account suspended! youtube.com/ayumilove8

    btw some unofficial dota maps are really good, the AI that is created by AI+ RGB, its much more challenging compare to cloud_str AI

    oh ya, i can't find any good tutorial on theHelper.net about AI tutorials
    the one currently residing in this site isn't much help, someone need to
    reupdate it (to teach user how to make enemy hero learn the skill/cast the
    spell and so on/escape when hp is low/attack enemy when their hp is low)
  10. uberfoop

    uberfoop ~=Admiral Stukov=~

    Looks like Icefrog aint out of it. I was at epicwar.com and theres an obviously cracked version up for dl, dota 6.41 snowy.

    Has exactly 400 downloads at time of this post, and says it was uploaded today (and, at least for me, its hella early morning aka 1:30 atm).
  11. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

    lmao whats the point to play dota if u play with hacks-_-?
  12. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

    What's the point of joining a conversation if you have no idea what people are talking about? :confused:
  13. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

    a fake map -_- they changed stuff in it prob to give gold to player etc so i called it "hacks"
  14. Exide

    Exide I am amazingly focused right now!

    If you hack dota, it won't be dota anymore.
    It will be a fake dota.
    Playing dota with hacks = using cheats such as maphack. (I have no idea how that works, though. Mainly because I have never tried it myself.)
    Apparently it gives you vision of the whole map, or the vision of all the players. Either way, it's cheating.

    And yes, what is the point of playing if you're just going to cheat anyway? :S
  15. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

    well some ppl might enjoy feeling "superior" on a game... lol.. anyways

    maphack shows full vision for the user on the minimap and in game:p
    i kno it becuz i had it -_- on last computer:p.....

    atleast i admit it :p but i dont use it anymore though :p only bl :D
  16. Rad

    Rad ...

    It was this dude ^

  17. Find me someone who plays DotA and doesn't enjoy feeling superior and you will have found a liar. Winning is just about always more enjoyable than losing.
  18. SerraAvenger

    SerraAvenger Cuz I can

    well I ain't a liar

    But I'm a DoTA noob :'(
    I don't feel superior, so I don't enjoy it^^
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