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  1. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

    Hero Contest #2
    Theme: Ice

    Approved by the moderation team​
    Description: A hero contest with an ice theme. This contest is to try to get some ideas flowing through TheHelper.net; and to try to extract some good coders from TheHelper.net’s members. Anyone at all is allowed to join, as long as you are sure you can finish the hero.

    •1st Place: 20 rep, 2nd Place: 15 rep, 3rd Place: 10 rep. All contestants may receive normal rep from other members, of course.

    •This contest's theme is Ice. This means that your hero and its spells must relate directly to ice; NOT WATER. Frost is OK, though.
    •Definition: Ice is frozen water. Therefore, the spells cannot have anything to do with water or water vapor; only ice. However, frost is OK. This is true because ice can be too limiting.

    Contest Rules:
    •You can use GUI only.
    The only JASS that is allowed is when that JASS is used to remove leaks.
    •Imports are not allowed.
    •Do not submit protected maps.
    •Make the hero easy to test.
    •You may only submit 1 hero.
    •Your hero must fit the theme.
    •The hero must have three level 1 spells and one level 6 ultimate.
    •The hero must be made for regular melee maps
    •The hero must be balanced compared to melee heroes.
    •All of your spell coding must be written by you
    •All systems are allowed
    •The hero and spells you enter must be new and made specially for this contest.
    •Your spells must follow the theme.
    •Do not directly ask how to make a spell on the forums. You're allowed to ask "how do I do this", but not "can someone make this spell for me".

    Thread Rules:
    •No bashing.
    •Off-site links are okay.
    •No stupid remarks.
    •No comments that just consist of praise for a spell like: "WOW YOUR SPELL IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!" You must say why it is good.
    •Also do not write "Can I marry you?"
    •Don’t ask if it’s too late to sign up.

    How to Submit your Hero
    Please submit your hero as a level 1 hero. The hero should be in a map with sufficient creeps, a respawn trigger, and a level-up trigger. The hero should also be able to learn and use each of its spells without any modifications to the map in which the hero was submitted. Please make sure that all necessary triggers and new objects (in the object editor) are present upon submission. Also, include your name in the map's name to avoid confusion. I don't want to judge someone's hero and give someone else the grade for it. Be logical with your maps; if your hero has an ability that affects allied units, include some allied units!


    Balance - 50 points total
    •Is your hero totally imbalanced? Would you be able to play it in a regular melee map without people saying things like the following: “WTF!111!! IMBA HERO!!! *@#$ YOU!!”
    •Internal Balance (Spells) (Is one (or more) of your hero’s spells obviously better than another? Not including the ultimate.): 25 points total
    •Spell 1 Balance: 5 points
    Spell 2 Balance: 5 points
    Spell 3 Balance: 5 points
    Ultimate Spell Balance: 10 points

    •External Balance (Spells) (Is one (or more) of your hero’s spells obviously better than other heroes’ spells? Not including the ultimate.): 25 points total
    •Spell 1 Balance: 5 points
    Spell 2 Balance: 5 points
    Spell 3 Balance: 5 points
    Ultimate Spell Balance: 10 points

    •Balance (Stats) (Are your hero’s stats totally disproportionate to the other melee heroes’ stats?): 25 points total
    •Agility Balance: 5 points
    Intellect Balance: 5 points
    Strength Balance: 5 points
    Incremental Balance: 10 points

    Coding - 25 points
    •Is the coding efficient? Is it leak-less? Can you read it easily?
    •Efficient: 10 points
    •Leak-less: 10 points
    •Readability: 5 points
    MUI will not get you extra points.

    Spells - 100 Points
    (See the below sub-categories for descriptions.)

    Special Effects - 30 Points
    •How creative are you with your special effects? Do your special effects match your theme and spell? "Special Effects" does not mean just the action "Special Effects". Does it look more than just a bunch of special effects bunched together?
    •Creativity: 10 points
    •Theme: 5 points
    •Cleanliness: 5 points

    Effect - 50 points
    •Does the spell match the theme? Is it just a boring stat change? Does the effect of the spell match its special effects? Does the effect make any sense? Does it work with the other spells?
    •Theme-Match: 5 points
    •Creativity: 20 points
    •SFX Matching: 12 points
    •Sanity: 12 points
    •Integration: 6 points

    Icon and Description - 15 points
    •Does the icon fit the spell? Does the description actually describe the spell without being straightforward? Does it explain the animation? Does the spell have a storyline?
    •Icon: 5 points
    •Description: 10 points

    Sounds - 15 points
    •Does the sound match the spell? Is the timing correct?
    •Matching: 8 points
    •Timing : 7 points

    Total Points - 175

    •The session ends 38 days from now, that means on the 30th of April. That means you get a little more than a month to complete your hero. More time may be allotted if at least ¾ of the contestants require more time to finish.

    Good luck, and happy creating!


    Total Number of Contestants: 24

    Proposed Entries

    1) Sjakie: Fat Walrus, the Tuskarr Warchief
    4) ZiggyMcjoney: Frost Dragon Hunter
    5) T.S.E: Gharn, the Lone Wedingo
    6) ZionAltari: Gabrial, the Nomadic Ice Drake
    9) mastah_: Malice, the Frozen Fury
    10) Sil3nt: Kelen, the Arctic Assassin
    11) Moonslinger: Booch
    17) Ghostwind

    Submitted Entries

    1) Larcenist: Snow Dan, the Frost Spectre
    2) Foodflare Frost Knight
    3) Exide
    4) Squishy: King of Cold
    5) Ashcat: Frostwhisperer
    6) vypur85: Ice Panda
    7) R@i_No_Wyrm: Frost Wyrm
    8) DarkRae: Nailah, the Arch Apprentice
    10) mr-death: Escortez Fricefolde the Spirit of Northrend
    11) MCR-ELSKER: Masice, the Frost Giant
    12) THE_X: Mao'kthall Crystalline, the Frost Monarch
    13) Tinki3: Julakgh, the Ice Troll Chieftain
    14) Elumork: Malen, the Frigid Mortal
    15) darkbeer: Ice Panda
    16) Exfyre: Frosty the Snowman
    17) Grymlax: Skadi
    18) FroznYoghurt: Sorceress of Cold
    19) Fegga5: Ice Hero
    20) Ivach
    21) BRUTAL
    22) dragonhord
    23) jonadrian
    24) Kazuga

    NOTE: Submitted entries may be edited between now and the day before the contest ends.
    This contest has more views that the Contest Index!
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  2. Flare

    Flare Stops copies me! Staff Member

    Should there be bonus points for MPI/MUI spells, just out of curiosity. MUI/MPI is nearly always better than single-unit-instanceability. Perhaps 2 points for MPI, and an extra 3 points for MUI.

    Also, what about O/E spells? Are they allowed?

    Ahm, for the coding section of the grading, is the full 25 points distributed between all abilities, or is there 25 points per ability?

    Also, to Daskunk and any future contestants:
    Good luck in the contest, I hope to see some nice heroes.
  3. Grymlax

    Grymlax Probably not around

    >> •Imported models are not allowed.
    What about imported icons and skins?

    >> •You can use GUI only.
    What about Custom script?
  4. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

    I'm not allowed to change the rules now. If a mod says it's OK for me to do so, then I'll add that.
    What are O/E spells?
    It's for all of them.
    Sorry, that's supposed to be just imports. I'll fix that.
    ONLY to remove leaks.
  5. sjakie

    sjakie Cookie Be Awesome!

    Can I enter the contest?
    My hero will be names Fat Walrus, The Tuskarr Warchief.
  6. Kazuga

    Kazuga Let the game begin...

    Sign me up.
    Hero: Mage
    Type: Frost/Ice
  7. Flare

    Flare Stops copies me! Staff Member

    Object Editor :)

    Also, if you are allowed to get the rules changed, maybe you should allow custom imports. It doesn't add a huge amount to the demo maps, and it won't add/take away from anyone's scores, but it'll keep Daskunk in the contest, and may entice others :) Would be silly to allow someone to drop out over something fairly small like imports :p

    @sjakie: I would assume anyone who is willing to use GUI is elligible to join the contest, so is there really any need to ask? :p
  8. sjakie

    sjakie Cookie Be Awesome!

    Dunno, I think some people wouldnt agree with a hero named Fat Walrus in their contest, so I thought I'd ask:D
  9. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

    I don't care, as long as it's an entry :D
    Any name to go with that?
    Added ;)
    Subtracted :(
  10. Hatebreeder

    Hatebreeder So many apples

    Whats with the "Only GUI" ?
    GUI is also Jass... -.-"
    And please make a Link to the Post of each contestant, because I find it easier to track peoples Heroes :)
  11. Kazuga

    Kazuga Let the game begin...

    Of the hero? Hm... Frozen spirit.
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  12. BRUTAL

    BRUTAL jazzercise

    im in, but what d we have to do? like just give the name of our hero?
  13. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

    Well, to get on the list, you need to give the name of your hero. To win, you need to make the hero :p
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  14. Slapshot136

    Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    i would like to join this contest, however if it's gui only, how much jass coding is allowed with the custom script line? like just to remove leaks, or can we use it to make locals and other things?

    I am thinking of making a penguin hero, but first i would like to ask: would i lose points if the hero dosent have an attack or spell casting animation?

    also, did i just miss it or are there no points for ease of implementation?
  15. BRUTAL

    BRUTAL jazzercise

    lol, god im bad at thinkign of names, uhhh
    i guess i'll call mine "Crystal Mage"
    XD....can we change the names later? cause i'll prob think of something less gay
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  16. Knight7770

    Knight7770 Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia

    Just leaks. Just leaks. Just leaks.
    Do penguins not have casting animations?
    No points added, no points subtracted.
    Added. So far, we have 2 mage heroes. Try to be more original; you're going to need to be if you want to win.
    Yes, you can. Please don't use the word 'gay' in this thread ;)
  17. BRUTAL

    BRUTAL jazzercise

    ok nvm, i just thoguht of this, "ice avatar" and im basing my hero off of the water elemental model file, will that not go good cause its watery? XD
    and does it matter if the spells are mui or not?
  18. Larcenist

    Larcenist REP: Respect, Envy, Prosperity?

    2 questions for now.

    1) Is the hero a basic 10 level hero with 3 level 1 skills each with 3 levels and an ulti with 1 level, or is there any other level restrictions?

    2) About the balancing part, this is rather vague if you ask me. Is the balancing of the skills based on the stat gain you give YOUR hero, or do you have some "template" in mind, because some maps stick to the basic 2.0-2.2 average stat gain per level while other maps can circle around a 5-6 stat gain average.
  19. Ashcat

    Ashcat Hellooo

    I have a simple question about the theme. Does the hero have to specifically be ice themed, and only ice themed? Or would it be alright if a hero were to be a sort of ice/shadow hybrid or so? If not, would it be alright if it were primarily ice with only a small touch of a secondary theme?
  20. Slapshot136

    Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    no they dont, they have 4 stand animations, a walk animation, a swim animation, and death-related animations
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