How to create a menu at start of the game?

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  1. MissKerrigan Active Member


    I made a map which is 80 height and 256 wide
    In this map I made 4 diffirent maps of my tower defence game (4 diffirent paths for the creeps)

    What I want to make is a menu that appears in start of game with 4 options: map1 map2 map3 and map4
    Now if you select map 3 for example, the camera must go to map 3 and the creeps must appear there
    The same ofcourse for map1 map2 and map4
    When chosen them, the camera must pan to that location and the game must start there

    Does anyone understand what I want here?

  2. Jokker Member

    X-Maul will be able to help you with this : )

    Its done through dialogues via triggering.
  3. X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    hmm, I thought that I already did ansver this - but I'll try again.
    What you want to do is to create a dialog at the start of the game.
    That is done simply through a trigger. The trigger will look like this.
    This trigger uses 5 global variables. The Testbutton 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all Dialog Items and the TestDialog is a Dialog.
    This will give create and show a dialog at the start of the game with 4 buttons, but the buttons wont do anything yet.
    To make the buttons actually react to being pressed you'll have to create another trigger, which will look like this:
    This trigger fires when a dialog item is used, and the actions are tied to the 4 different buttons, in this example it does only set the camera bounds, but you can create units and that kind of stuff yourself ;)

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  4. Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator

    To do this, you want to use dialogs. Dialogs might be a bit more advanced than you're used to, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. Not only that, but it's also a very powerful tool and you'll soon be able to do all kinds of stuff with it.

    Here's a tutorial on dialogs.

    Now, after you've read the tutorial and got a decent idea of how they work, you still need to figure out how to apply it to your own map. In this case, you want a dialog(that's the window that contains all the pictures and buttons and other stuff). Now, in the dialog you want to put 4 buttons. One for each map choice. Finally, you want triggers that trigger when you press one of the buttons. When a button is pressed, it should use the "Pan Camera" action to pan the camera to the location.
  5. MissKerrigan Active Member

    hmm thx, I'll try to figure it out x

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