i'm looking for a wireless internet booster..

Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by jig7c, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. jig7c Stop reading me...-statement

    as the title states, i'm looking for a wireless internet booster...

    i get the signal where i want, but it keeps saying limited or no connectivity... and when i move my laptop as close as possible to where the router is, i get the signal, but when i move the laptop back to where i want it, it says limited or no connectivity again...

    i'm pretty sure if i add hook up a booster with a CAT-5 cable to the router, it'll bring the signal to me.. i really don't want to, and I can't run a new router to where my laptop is at, so if i hook up a booster and bring it as close as possible to my room, i think i should get the signal...

    any recommendations!
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    1. upgrading to wireless N for both the laptop and the router (if the laptop is a newer model, it probably already has N)

    2. you COULD add a second router, but adding it wirelessly would require either an expensive router or custom firmware (tomato/etc.) on it, and a bit of network configuration

    3. a cheap USB adapter might perform better then whatever the laptop has just because it's external and probably has a much bigger antenna then the laptop does
  3. jig7c Stop reading me...-statement

    the laptop is almost brand new... i got it in feb 2010, its an HP, not that it matters... and it uses built-in wireless N... this setup is at my work place... and i have a dsl line connected to a modem, and then it's connected to a ZyXel router, (i don't know the correct model number of the router, but it looks exactly like the one in the link) and then it's connected to a Ethernet Switch, which from then it ports out to 16 different PoE access points located through out various parts of the building... after doing all this.. the entire building gets the signal, except my office...

    so i was thinking of running a CAT-5 from the switch to as close to my office as possible, and putting an antenna there...
  4. Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    from what you linked, that would be a B router - try switching it with an N router, and you would get a much better coverage
  5. jig7c Stop reading me...-statement

    i don't know the exact router model... its up in the attic, and i hate going there... i will go up there eventually to find out, just so that i can have the model/serial #s written down somewhere safe...
  6. Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    if it's as old as im thinking it is, it's not N

    something like this would have much better coverage

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