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Discussion in 'The Graphics Zone' started by Moridin, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Moridin Snow Leopard

    Herro again. I kept going through bad signatures, so I didn't want to post any up. Finally got one that I feel I did a good job on.



    With and without text. Wasn't very sure of that.

    Comments, suggestions and critique are welcome as always.

    Also, I think a good joint project would help liven this place up a bit. Something that everyone can work on in terms of art.
  2. undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

    You, sir, have just created something pretty fucking badass. Can I see the original render/stock? Its hard for me to tell what's part of the original and what's not.

    On the other hand, the joint project probably wouldn't work. A lot of effort is required of people and I'm sure that effort is the one thing all of us lazy people lack right now. I believe we who are still "active" is exactly what this forum needs. People are bound to stumbleupon us eventually.

    Intended lack of spacebar pushing between stumble and upon because I'm on 4 hours of sleep and I thought'd it be funny.
  3. vypur85 Hibernate

    > I think a good joint project
    Comic, maybe? :) But make it a one-shot thing instead of a long term one. For example, set a number of page to be drawn (6 at max, I presume). Storyline. Colour (if any). Etc. Then again, just a suggestion.
  4. Moridin Snow Leopard

    Tyvm undead.

    Here's the original kassadin render. (Note: you might need to sign in)

    There's also a C4D duplicated around 3 times and set in different ways, but I don't remember where I got that from :3.

    I honestly don't know. A comic might be simple enough to do yeah, and if there are no ideas on what to comic about, we could always try to illustrate a story. There are plenty of good stories out there.

    Personally, I'm fiddling around with my tablet a bit more now. I realize that signature creation isn't that active over here, so I've decided to try my hand at a little more complex art. It's taking time though....I'm learning as I go.
  5. Syndrome RealEyes/Realize/RealLies

    I still get bothered by the shape of the signature >_<!
    Leave the texts out for now and work on the dynamics of your signature first, though its definitely improving. You have most of the basics down now, so it's probably time to move on to the more advanced stuff.
    It's pretty good, but I think it's lacking a little something extra. Try using the burn and dodge tools to help accent the shadows and lighting and you might want to begin using effect C4Ds to add some dynamic effects to accompany the things you've already have in place. Try duplicating the render, place it underneath the existing render, and take out the smudging tool to emphasize movement [remember to lower opacity]. Remember that only choosing one or two 'similar' colors to use in a signature won't have that... 'oomph'. You might want to introduce complimentary colors, or a lot more similar colors in the signature with varying brightness. Hmmm... maybe add some glowing effects to the eyes to bring your attention to the focal, and start fiddling around with filters. Oh, and the text lol.
    I sorta bombarded you with a lot of next steps that you could take lol, but those are things you might want to consider as your next steps.
    Good job, and keep up the good work!
  6. Moridin Snow Leopard


    I don't get what you mean by the 'shape' of the signature.... :S. Are you talking about the dimensions?

    Also, I kinda use a lot of the techniques you've mentioned :3. Though it's true I'm not very good with some of them lol.
  7. Syndrome RealEyes/Realize/RealLies

    Yeah, the dimensions are just really quirky for me. Never ceases to bother me >_>.
  8. Moridin Snow Leopard

    What dimensions do you normally use? :S
  9. Syndrome RealEyes/Realize/RealLies

  10. undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

    Nah, signatures can be what ever size you'd like. Its just a matter of personal opinion.
  11. Syndrome RealEyes/Realize/RealLies

    That's true. I just get bothered by it. It's like an itch someplace you can't reach :p
  12. Moridin Snow Leopard

    I know what you mean lol. I just find it hard filling in all that space provided by the extra width. A lot of the renders I'm looking at right now are very height centric....not the best for wide sigs.
  13. undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

    Make a vertical sig then?
  14. Moridin Snow Leopard

    Eh. I find vertical sigs impractical tbh. The whole point of signatures is to use them on forums like this....and so far I've never seen a vertical sig actually fit well.
  15. undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

    Impractical?... maybe, still a work of art? Yes
  16. Moridin Snow Leopard

    True enough.
  17. iPeez Hot food far all world wide!

    I made like a few signatures, but it's not my thing. However, seeing big a$$ signatures which extend somebody's post, say they have just a couple of words, it can really annoy me. I MY opinion I think these signatures should smaller, at least the height should be.

    I'll leave the rest to you guys :p

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