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  1. DonMushroom

    DonMushroom Member

    There has been a few little things bugging me and i cant figure out how to sort them out.

    1. Larva don't select when i drag over a group of units in game. I can select and move them as a larva group, individually, drag over everyone else and add them afterwards. I just cant select the whole lot at once over the whole lot.

    (Not looking for set them to control groups)

    2. If i select a group of units say lings, a queen and some roaches. How (In editor) can i change the UI unit order. So if i select the group (In game) i could choose between the lings, queen or roaches being the priority unit.

    Any help would be great. :)
  2. MissKerrigan

    MissKerrigan Active Member

    1. Go to data 'units' and select your larva, then select 'unit' and look carefull under 'flag' which you check and uncheck

    2. You have to give your units a rank here, for example if you select a group of marines + Jim Raynor then Jim Raynor speaks because he has a higher rank (you mean this right?)
  3. DonMushroom

    DonMushroom Member

    1. Tried all the flags and still cant get it to be part of selection :(

    2 That's exactly what i mean :D How do i do it? :)
  4. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    I'm having an extremely busy week, so I apologize for the short and un-researched answer.

    1. This actually seems to be in the model. The field ":Selection Layer" in the Larva's model is 1 by default. Try changing it to 0 and see if it makes a difference.

    2. Should be the "Unit: Subgroup Priority" field in the Unit. If I recall correctly, the unit with the highest priority will focused if you select several units of different types.
  5. DonMushroom

    DonMushroom Member

    1: Fixed :) Thank you

    2: UI: Tooltip Priority is only thin in there and i have tried loads of things with that to no avail :(
  6. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    Your data editor is not showing the advanced values. Above the fields there are several big buttons. Find the one called "Show Advanced Values" (Ctrl+shift+H) and press it.

    You can also find it in the menu in the top left at View>Show Advanced Values
  7. DonMushroom

    DonMushroom Member

    :O A whole new world... Thanks :D

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