Level of ability as identifier - bad idea?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by LordTalbot, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. LordTalbot

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    for my TD I'm doing the following:
    However when I add an ability to a unit and set it's level, I will always get a lag THE FIRST TIME THE EVENT HAPPENS. So actually I have a few triggers that work in a similiar way and have the same problem.

    Do you know the problem? The thing is, actually the trigger is very useful to have some sort of an ID for the unit, I can't use custom value as it is used already and I can't use flying height as I'm also targeting flying units.

    Refering to this trigger i'm checking in other events if a unit has the given ability and do actions depending on the level of that ability. I could directly add the unit to a unit group, but then - how do I solve the problem with the needed additional ID?
  2. Accname

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    Sounds like you need to pre-load your data at the start of the game. The "lag" is because the data of the skill needs to be loaded into the game the first time it is used. Just have a trigger run at map initialization which adds the ability to a dummy unit and then remove that dummy unit. The skill will then be loaded during the loading screen of the map.
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  3. LordTalbot

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    works perfectly fine now, thanks a lot! I wasn't aware of that feature :)
  4. jonas

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    What happens when your werbar is ordered to attack a unit, but the attack is cancelled (after the animation starts playing,but before the damage point is reached) and no damage is dealt?

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