List for unlevelable abilities?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by Arkan, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Arkan

    Arkan Nobody rides for free

    It seems permanent immolation ignores level ups, as does alot of item abilities. Is there a complete list of all abilities that can't be upgraded (even though you can set levels in the editor)?
  2. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

    Noup, there isnt such a list. Someone could try that out by trial and error way.:p If Ill have time tomorrow, ill try to do that.
  3. Anything.

    Anything. New Member

    Doom doesn't work ;)
  4. Arkan

    Arkan Nobody rides for free

    Alright, that's one more to the list :p
  5. Chocobo

    Chocobo White-Flower

    List :
    - Doom (Weird bug, but it can't be leveled, try it on heroes and you will see the weird effect that does)
    - Permanent Immolation (Again weird, but its basically a unit ability)
    - Maybe Defend (Never tryed it, I do not want a problem)
    - Runed Bracers (1 Level or nothing!)
    - Claws of Attack +<whatever>
    - Ring of Protection +<whatever>
    - Attack Speed Bonus +<whatever>
    - Item Life Bonus +<whatever>
    - Item Mana Bonus +<whatever>
    - Gem of True Seeing
    - Night Scope

    Edit 1 :
    - Life Regeneration
    - Mana Regeneration

    Edit 2 :
    - Moon Glaive
    - Thunder (The Chimaera thing thunder thing)
    - Sphere

    Edit 3 :
    - Gyrocopter Bombs
    - Call to Arms (Townhall)
    - Call to Arms (Worker)
    - Chaos
    - Load (Tank)
    - Load Pilot
    - Build (Human)
    - Deposit Pilot
    - On Fire (Human)
    - Magic Sentinel
    - Turret
    - Transformation to Phoenix (Egg)
    - Vision (Air Machine)
    - Upgrade Reinforced Burrows
    - Upgrade Berserker
    - Spiked Walls
    - Chaos (Kodo Beast)
    - Chaos (Shaman)
    - Chaos (Orc Raider)
    - Chaos (Grom)
    - Chaos (Grunt)
    - Chaos (Peon)
    - Load of Chaos
    - Load (Orc Burrow)
    - Build (Orc)
    - Detector (Ward)
    - Devour Chargement
    - On Fire (Orc)
    - Garrison (Orc Burrow)
    - Battle Stations
    - Battle Stations (Chaos Orc Burrow)
    - Stand Down
    - Load (Meat Wagon)
    - Ability Haunted Gold Mine
    - Growth of Blight Broad
    - Growth of Blight reduced
    - Create a Corpse
    - Unload Corpse
    - On Fire (Undead)
    - Exhumate
    - Ghost
    - Ghost (Visible)
    - Locust
    - Load Corpse
    - Unsummon
    - Gossamer-like snares
    - Sacrifice
    - Sacrifice (Sacrificial Pit)
    - Freezing Breath //Undead ability without the icon
    - Sight (Shade)
    - Lightning Attack //Night Elves, Chimaera thing
    - Load (Gold mine invaded by insane grasses)
    - Load Wisp
    - Ability Gold Mine invaded
    - Ability to improve Tree of life
    - Build (Night Elves)
    - Ethereal Monster
    - On Fire (Night Elves)
    - Moon Glaive (Naisha)
    - Vorpal Blades
    - Entangle
    - Magic Immunity
    - Corrosive Breath
    - Sphere (Vengeance - Level 1)
    - Sphere (Vengeance - Level 2)
    - Sphere (Vengeance - Level 3)
    - Sphere (Vengeance - Level 4)
    - Sphere (Vengeance - Level 5)
    - Sphere (Vengeance - Level 6)
    - Ultravision
    - Create a Skeleton (Probably Black Arrow)
    - Reveal
    - Spy
    - Fact of appearing Arachnida (Neutral Hostile)
    - Fact of appearing Spiders (Neutral Hostile)
    - Call upon Hydra
    - Call upon a Young Hydra
    - Creep Sleep //With Sleep Icon
    - Creep Sleep //Without Icon
    - Life Steal (Frostmourne)
    - Alert
    - Attack
    - Buy Item Shop
    - Shared Shop
    - Mortal Cargo (Neutral Hostile)
    - Load (Ship)
    - Load (Zeppelin Goblin)
    - Load (Ships)
    - Ability Gold Mine
    - Ability Portal
    - Build (Naga)
    - Build (Neutral)
    - Poison Sting
    - Unload (Air Transports)
    - Unload (Sea Transports)
    - Unlaod Instantly (Invaded Mine)
    - Move
    - Burrowed Detection (Flying)
    - On Fire
    - Wander
    - Hero
    - Invulnerable
    - Rally
    - Grab Gold
    - Grab Gold and Wood
    - Grab Wood
    - Revive Hero
    - Revive Hero Instantly
    - Revenge
    - Select the Hero
    - Select the Unit
    - Sell Items
    - Sell Units
    - Vision (Neutral 1)
    - Vision (Neutral 2)
    - Build a Small Castle
    - Build a Miniature Village
    - Build a small Altar
    - Build a small Tower
    - Build a small Barrack
    - Build a small Farm
    - Build a small Lumbermill
    - Glyph of Fortification
    - Magic Immunity (Item)
    - Dark Summoning
    - Mechanical Critter
    - Standard Banner object of Orcs
    - Item Bonus Sight
    - Item Bonus of Temporary Speed
    - Shadow Orb Ability
    - Item Bonus Fire Damage
    - Item Bonus Ice Damage
    - Item Bonus Thunder Damage
    - Item Bonus of Greater Attack Speed
    - Item Movement Speed Bonus
    - Item Captures Flag
    - Item Captures Flag (Night Elves)
    - Item Captures Flag (Human)
    - Item Captures Flag (Orc)
    - Item Captures Flag (Undead)
    - Item Damage Area to Tree/Wall
    - Item Experiance Bonus
    - Item Intelligence Bonus
    - Item Bonus Damage Permanent
    - Item Bonus Strength
    - Item Bonus Level
    - Item Illusions
    - Item Immolation
    - Item Temporary Invulnerability
    - Item Town Portal
    - Item Soul Steal
    - Item Recall
    - Item Regeneration Mana
    - Item Regeneration Mana (Lesser)
    - Item Regeneration Life
    - Random Item
    - Item Soul Steal (Gem)

    Enough for the moment.
  6. Nigerianrulz

    Nigerianrulz suga suga how'd you get so fly?

    ummm i think mayb like the gem of true seeing
    and the tornado thingy mayb :rolleyes:
  7. Darthfett

    Darthfett Super Mod Staff Member

    I know that phoenix fire won't show an icon, and I believe that it can't be leveled up. BTW, you can fix this, you just have to have add seperate abilities. I have a system that i'll post when I get home. :)
  8. Drakens

    Drakens New Member

    >> and I believe that it can't be leveled up.

    You can level it up in a Hero. When you open the ability level screen (the +) it will appear, but if you learn or level up it, it won't show any icon.
  9. Darthfett

    Darthfett Super Mod Staff Member

    Here's my system thing that allows you to create levelable abilities:

    This sets the alternate "levels" of the ability. They are actually seperate abilities, but with different data, to imitate the effect of gaining levels:
            Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds
            Set Abil_Manu[1] = Manufacturing Upgrade (Level 1)
            Set Abil_Manu[2] = Manufacturing Upgrade (Level 2)
            Set Abil_Manu[3] = Manufacturing Upgrade (Level 3)
            Set Abil_Manu[4] = Manufacturing Upgrade (Level 4)
            Set Abil_Manu[5] = Manufacturing Upgrade (Level 5)
            Set Abil_Manu[6] = Manufacturing Upgrade (Level 6)
    This will automatically remove the previous ability (if it is not the first level), and add the next level.

        Unit - A unit Learns a skill
    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
        If - Conditions
            (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Manufacturing Upgrade (Visible)
        Then - Actions
            Unit - Add Abil_Manu[(Level of Manufacturing Upgrade (Visible) for (Learning Hero))] to (Learning Hero)
            If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
                If - Conditions
                    (Level of Manufacturing Upgrade (Visible) for (Learning Hero)) Not equal to 1
                Then - Actions
                    Unit - Remove Abil_Manu[((Level of Manufacturing Upgrade (Visible) for (Learning Hero)) - 1)] from (Learning Hero)
                    Skip remaining actions
                Else - Actions
        Else - Actions
  10. Chocobo

    Chocobo White-Flower

    Phoenix Fire has hidden icon but can be leveled.

    All spells can be leveled with the level skill panel of heroes, but some spells can only go to level 1. (And it will show, example level 6 in Skill Panel)

    Also, the fountain effect (Life Regeneration and Mana Regeneration) can not be leveled.
  11. Chocobo

    Chocobo White-Flower

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