Report Napping on the job could boost productivity: study

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    Sleeping on the job might be a sure way to get fired, but new research says allowing workers to catch a few more zzz's could make them better able to face the day.

    One new study finds midday naps can help people push through on-the-job frustrations.

    The researchers, from the Univeristy of Michigan, say naps could be an easy and cost-efficient way for employers to increase workplace safety.

    For the study, the researchers recruited 40 adults who were asked to get a good night's rest three nights in a row. They had them complete tasks on computers, as well as answer survey questions about sleepiness, mood and impulsivity.

    Some of the group were then allowed to take a one-hour nap, while the rest watched a nature video.

    When the participants were then asked to try to complete more tasks on the computers, those who had napped spent more time trying to solve the task than the non-nappers.

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  2. FireCat

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    Fortunately, not everyone can take a nap.
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    Did you mean, 'unfortunately,' or do you just hate the idea of people napping at work?
  4. FireCat

    FireCat Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!

  5. KMilz

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    Then I agree. Although I imagine it would make time management and scheduling a bit more of a hassle, I, too, would like to be able to nap instead of working while being compensated for my sleepy time.

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