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Discussion in 'Models and Textures' started by RangerX, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. RangerX I am justice!

    Here are some orbs.

    Added 3 more


    The BLPs are inside the .zip, courtesy of Wolf.

    PS: More to come if i don't get bored in making icons
    PS: Most of them are looking better in game cuz all the image i put on Thehelper i had to save them in jpeg but with image loss [size wise]

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  2. Hatebreeder 'sup? :'D

    They are too blurry IMO.
    But nevertheless, Gj =P
  3. Komaqtion You can change this now in User CP.

    I like 2 (3) of them, the only things I would like different is that the Earth and Dark orbs are just changed colors of the same one, right ?
    I would like for them to be unique ;)

    And also, I think that the Air and Water orbs are too similar :S
    I can't tell which should be which, so I would like to see more of the elements in there :p

    Otherwise, really great job ! :D

    (And I don't think they're too blurry, as Hatebreeder said ;) :p)
  4. RangerX I am justice!

    2Weapons 1 skull :)

    some new added

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  5. Hatebreeder 'sup? :'D

    The Axe is awesome, but the other two are yet again blurry.

    Also, I think there is a lack of colour variety. Instead of just adding a green Glow to the Green arrow you could make the Green Arrow a regular Arrow and give it some swipes of white ( to show that the arrow is flying ) and with slightly less/more saturated greed you could make the green glow glow with the arrow...
  6. RangerX I am justice!

    well this are kind of my first icons [ever] so thank you :) i will try to use your advices :)
  7. SanKakU Member

    loving the orbs. very nice.
  8. RangerX I am justice!

    New one

    i think this one is looking better

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  9. bLu3_eYeS New Member

    Awesome ! Thanks dude :]
  10. tooltiperror Super Moderator

    1) You have to upload as a .zip, not as a rar file.
    2) Your icons must be .BLPs, but you have uploaded targa (.tga).

    Those are the only problems I saw. Nice job.
  11. RangerX I am justice!

    1. i forgot to check zip on winrar
    2. i get errors on saving them on blp
  12. tooltiperror Super Moderator

    You have to use a .BLP converter, photoshop can not natively save in .BLP, because it is one of Blizzard's formats. I hear good things about this one.
  13. Darthfett Super Mod

    I'm going to hold off on reviewing the resources for approval until the icons are properly put into .blp format.
  14. RangerX I am justice!

    i will make them in couple off days ... in blp and put them in zip
  15. Sim Forum Administrator


    Any updates?
  16. tommerbob Minecraft. :D

    These are some pretty high quality stuff, especially for first time. I'd love to see more stuff form you. :thup:
  17. tooltiperror Super Moderator

    It's been quite awhile (January -> July) without an update.

    I'm going to say it's safe to graveyard this.
  18. WolfieeifloW WEHZ Helper

    Here's his icon's in .BLP format, so that his time and effort isn't wasted.

    Again, if the original post could link or have this zip uploaded to it.

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  19. RangerX I am justice!

    lol ... ty for your time:) well i forgot about this icons:))[i forgot about this site with all the work at my job~~]

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