Razer Lycosa: Video Review

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by warcraft7, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. warcraft7

    warcraft7 Member


    I review the Lycosa, posted it recently but i need to make an appendage video soon talking about the software/improvements that could be made.

    any feedback would be helpful thank you :D
  2. Slapshot136

    Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    I would remove the first 13 seconds or so

    the camera moves too fast sometimes, causing it to be blurry - slow it down and then speed it up later on your computer to get a clear picture (or just get a picture and slide across that)

    avoid saying "and" and "again" (or just reduce how often you say it)
  3. warcraft7

    warcraft7 Member

    ya that was kinda the point it was to let people take a look at my setup

    and ya working on that for the next one...a mouse is much smaller and easier to kinda model lol

    also i noticed that...ima write a script for the next one as well

    thanks for the feedback
  4. Slapshot136

    Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    during 1:30 to 1:45, 1:50 to 2:05 the movement is too fast for the camera - either slow it down so the camera can record it properly (in focus and not blurry), or take a picture, it's hard to watch
  5. warcraft7

    warcraft7 Member

    thxs for the feedback....heres the software review...i kinda forgot about it lol


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