Crime Razer's show-stealing triple display laptops stolen from CES 2017

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    Razer is known for bringing ambitious prototype products to CES and this year's convention was no exception. It trotted out Project Ariana, a smart projector that taps into the company's Chroma lighting for a more immersive gaming experience, and Project Valerie, an awesome triple-screen laptop that like several of Razer's past concepts might never see the light of day. Apparently a brazen thief (or thieves) didn't want to take that chance and managed to steal two of the prototype laptops from Razer's booth.

    Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed the theft in a Facebook post in which he asks for anyone with information about the theft to get in touch with him. Here is his full statement:

    It is not clear when exactly the theft occurred, though given the timing of Tan's post, it likely happened near or at the end of the convention as Razer was tearing down its booth.

    Apparently this is not the first time someone has stolen prototypes from Razer. According to CNET, thieves broke into Razer's offices in 2001 and swiped a pair of laptops, both prototypes of the eventual Razer Blade.

    Read more here. (PC Gamer)
  2. Accname

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    Why not have prototypes outfitted with GPS? I dont get it.
  3. tom_mai78101

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    Probably never thought about this, given that the CES 2017 is packed with security guards. I believed they had this mindset, saying "Who would've expected something to be stolen from there?", or something.
  4. Accname

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    Even the bit of the article you quoted yourself already said they were stolen from in the past. Doesnt take much to become a little bit more careful.
  5. tom_mai78101

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    Most of the Razer folks didn't anticipate their technology getting stolen right under their eyes.

    Any more than that, I cannot justify it any longer.
  6. Varine

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    I imagine Tom's version went down. But, at the same time, my phone has GPS tracking, my laptop has GPS tracking, my fucking keys have a GPS thing even. It seems like GPS is a thing everything should have now.
  7. Accname

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    Because it costs like a couple of cents. The only reason something doesnt have GPS is because whoever build it was too lazy to put it in.

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