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Discussion in 'General Webmaster Support' started by Dan, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Dan The New Helper.Net gives me great Anxiety... o.O;;

    I am making a bio page for my website. A person's thumbnail is clicked, and then information about them is displayed in a div next to the picture. I am using "innerHTML" to make this happen.

    1. what is the difference between innerHTML and Write ?

    2. Can I call the bio text from an external document so that I can make it easy to include these paragraphs without having to clutter my javascript?

    3. how can I make sure it is formatted?

    function fbClick(face)
    document.getElementById('fbExpand').src team_images[face];
    str "meow moew moew moew meow";
    That is how I am doing it currently.

    should i just use an external javascript page to load global string vars and call them?
  2. Dan The New Helper.Net gives me great Anxiety... o.O;;

    and then I found Jquery and AJAX....

    my problems went away. :)

    Wish more people read this forum though >.<
  3. UndeadDragon Super Moderator

    I don't know how I missed this one o_O

    I try and reply to all of the questions here, so sorry I missed this... I have no idea why I did :p
  4. Dan The New Helper.Net gives me great Anxiety... o.O;;

    No problamo! I'm trying not to burden the forums with useless questions as much as possible. I simply do not have as much time as I would like to research everything my own. I'm getting there though... :) site is taking on some functionality.
  5. UndeadDragon Super Moderator

    Useless questions are good, they allow me to feel useful! :p

    I understand wanting to learn on your own though.

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