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  1. X-maul

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    Rethos Temple - X-maul

    Rethos Temple is a map with 4 bases located in each corner, and a road from each base to the other.
    The main concept is that you will be gaining Income every 30 second, based on how many units you've been sending towards the enemy players.
    Every time you send a unit, 3 units of that type will be send out, 1 towards each enemy base, one down the center, and 1 down each of the side lanes.

    This all might sound verry familiar to you, you might know of this concept from Hero Line Wars, or Line Tower Wars from Warcraft 3, the twist in this map, is that you are also allowed to pick a hero in the start of the game, this hero will be able to defend your base, and defeating the other players.

    The map got 8 player spots, 2 in each base. So the players will be playing 2v2v2v2.

    The layout of the map.
    As I stated the map has 4 bases, 1 in each corner, and then there is the roads between the bases.

    If you look at this layout of the map, you will see the red arrows, they indicate the road the units you send, will run. The green and orrange arrows indicate which way the Portals will teleport you.
    The Blue circle in the center indicate the Energy Fountain and the Yellow circle indicate the Healing Fountain.

    Portals are scattered over the map, and are used to get from A to B, as fast as possible. It's not 100% sure that the part of the map where the Healing Fountains and Portals are located, will stay the way they are, but for now, there are Portals.

    The Fountains shown in the Layout map, will regenerate your vitals when you are near them. The healing fountain will regenerate both your shield and your health while you are near. The Energy Fountain will regenerate your energy while you are near.
    Also, in your base, while you are near your nexus, you will regenerate both your health, shield and energy at a very fast rate.

    Heroes are one of the core elements of this map. When the map starts, you will be shown a Hero Selection menu, where you can check out what each hero does, and you will able to select the one you want, but when one player selects a hero, that hero will not be available for the other players.

    Each hero got 5 abilities, a passive ability, 3 normal abilities and 1 ultimate ability.
    Passive Abilities
    Passive abilities are abilities that passively adds something to the hero, this might be a boost to the damage of the hero, a boost to the movement speed, a boost to the health of the hero, ect.
    Normal Abilities
    Normal abilities are abilities that needs to be learned whenever the hero levels up. The normal abilities can be learned every 3rd level (level 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on) and will have short to moderate cooldown and energy cost.
    Ultimate Abilities
    Ultimate abilities or Ultimates, are very powerfull abilities that can be learned every 5th level, starting from 6 (6, 11, 16 and so on) and will have a high cooldown and energy cost.

    All heroes has an inventory. The inventory got 6 slots, which can be filled with various items, which can be purchases for a currency which is earned passively, by leveling up and by killing enemy heroes.

    Item shops are to come, but they will be located in the player base, and there might be a special shop moving around the map.

    There are 6 different stats in the map;
    Increases max HP by 10 and life regeneration be 0.1 per point.
    Mental Defense
    Increases Shield by 8 and Shield Regeneration by 0.15 per point.
    Increases max Energy by 10 and energy regeneration by 0.15 per point.
    Increases attack damage by 1 per point.
    Ability Power
    Increases the damage of some abilities.
    Critical Strike Chance
    Chance of dealing 2 times damage with normal attacks.

    Heroes and stats
    Heroes will gain stats every level, but the stats can also be increased further by purchasing items. Heroes focused on their basic attack will want to increase their Strength stat, and heroes focused on their abilities will want to focus on increasing their Ability Power stat.

    Hero Selection
    Scoreboard and Statsboard - Toggled while holding Tab
    Send Units to gain income
    Use your hero to fight the other players, using it's special abilities.
    Units (for income)
  2. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    Kyuft has joined the project and new life have been breathed into it :)
  3. GFreak45

    GFreak45 I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.

    looks awesome :)
    forgive me if im wrong, but this looks like Custom Hero Line Wars with pvp thrown into it, is that true?
  4. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    Good to see you team up to finish the project :)

    I added Kyuft as a creator to the project in the Starcraft 2's Member projects thread.
  5. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    Yeah, kind of :) It is suposed to be a combination between the Aeon of Strife (AoS) and Hero Line Wars :)
    Thank you :)
  6. Jokker

    Jokker Member

    Ok! I haven't yet read what this map is about. I did check the screenshots though, first thing i usually do.

    And I must say (still without reading the text) that I like your mapping. It is not a trashy map as seen most of the times. It seems to be carefully crafted, there are many doodads and its generally interesting to look at. Good job!

    Now I'll raad the text XD
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  7. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    Thank you :) I asume I used about a week on the terrain, so yes it is very carefully crafted :D Glad you noticed ;)
  8. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    Just finished a hero selection system with a preview option. Also I added a screenshot for the selection system.
  9. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    It's a nice update. I think you did a good job with it.

    However one of the most important aspects of a popular map is that it has to stand out. Everyone uses the same default borders and buttons. You might want to change all the borders and backgrounds in the future when most of the other stuff is done (Although I notice that you've already started making some custom borders. That's great)
  10. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    Thank you :) I'm at the moment working on improving the visual style of it, for instance I've succeded to highligt the buttons selected (thanks to the tutorial you linked). Also I'm using some different textures for making it stand out :)
    Thanks for the feedback, now I'm just waiting for Kyuft to return from his mysterious disapearence?..
  11. Kyuft

    Kyuft Member

    I'm back!, Sorry for not being able to contact you, My internet got messed up so I could not even go online. That was the worst months of my life!

  12. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    Nice to have you back :)
  13. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    I was starting to wonder :b good to have you back here :)
  14. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    I am remaking this from scratch with brand new terrain. Still the same concept though.

    I will be updating this thread with new and updated info within the following days.
    As Kyuft is no longer active, he is taken off the project.
  15. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    I've updated the thread with brand new info and screenshots.
  16. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

    Hey, this is starting to look very nice! :D

    Is there much left to finish except the heroes?
  17. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

    Not really, I might do the item shop in dialogs, so that might need to be done at some point, but for now, it's only heroes, more specifically the abilities, that I need to create - This takes a pretty long time though, especially for me, as I pretty much have to figure everything out as I go, I do have all abilities planned out though.

    I do need some additional units (the units to send to gain income) and some items, but thats not something that will take too long :)
  18. Wilmer Lindau

    Wilmer Lindau New Member

    Looks like a great project. I think I would definitely play it. I like the idea of 2v2v2v2 and I enjoyed HLW back in wc3.

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