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    So season 6 will be out in a couple of (2-3) weeks. There are going to be 3 new maps added- Metropolis, Daybreak and a reworked version of Ohana(no water)

    I will make a short review on each map. The aspects we are going to be looking at today are the timing pushes, harass and how to defence in macro mode.

    Daybreak LE

    You can fast expand here, but any early game rushes are harder to stop due to the wide choke. Fast expand only if you see your opponent doing the same or if you know the timings of his opening (for example when does he have 4 lings out)

    There are muta and drop possibilities as long as your opponent doesn't have a third. There is deadspace between the natural and main, you can hide dropships and mutas there and really pressure your opponent. Once the third base is set, you can still drop/harass the main by air and the third by ground. Since the distance is not small, you can use this trick to constantly damage your opponent's economy and gas based units.

    Timing pushes They depend only on the angle of attack. This map doesn't enable the players to elevator(drop) so you must either doom drop or do something by ground. There are two ways to attack. The ramp with the distructible rocks is the shorter way but it gives your opponent an arch and a place to forcefield you. The other possibility is through the ramp of the third. Although once again your opponent will be able to forcefield you and will have a ramp it is much more of an even fight and you can backstab him with a small squad of units comming from the other side. Do note that most players will not utilise these two ramps.

    Defence in macro mode You can defend 2 bases really easy here. The problem (As the usual) comes with the third. I would advise you to invest arround 600-700 in static defence (aka 4 spines 2 spores, 4-5 cannons or a supply depot wall + bunker) Since your opponent will probably try to attack your third by ground. I advise you to also put a turret/cannon in the back of your natural since it will hit the passing mutas/dropships/prisms) There are a lot of open spaces in the middle of the map. A lot of ramps and attack paths, meaning that it is harder to secure any location, but surrounds and hidden pylons are easier to put. The terrans are a bit screwed in tvz because any mech containing push (yes even marine tank) can be back stabbed very easy as long as the zerg sees it and has some army.


    There is potential for early game harass with reapers, speedlings and helions. There is a decent amount of drop areas, the third is open for harass, but the player can wall of if he chooses. I would recommend fast expands on this map, but be prepared to add additional defences as the game progresses because of the possibility of a big T1 all in using the destructible rocks creating a choke at your natural. 2 pronged attacks are easy to pull of on this map, so if you want to be aggressive, go for that.

    Timing pushes
    They are not that effective on this map due to the watchtowers, the player that controls them will have time to prepare for any all in coming his way. (at least regroup your army and start building additional defences) Nothing more can be added here I think.

    Macro defence
    As I mentioned above- you can wall off your third and you should be prepared to add additional defences. Have a small army in your main base at all times after the 10th minute. It is extremely easy to drop the main base, so have vision of it or at least add a cannon/spine or two.


    Thanks to the two ramps you are pretty safe in the early game. The position of your 3rd and 4th creates a pretty nice defence for your main base, so my suggestion is- do not harass, go straight for a macro heavy game. It is pretty

    Timing pushes
    As long as they aim to contain your opponent on 2 bases, they are pretty strong. Just do not try to kill your opponent with a 3 rax or 6 gate. A bunker or 2 forcefields(thanks to the ramp) will save the day.

    Macro defence
    You have 5 easy to get and defend bases, do opt for that. You have 3 choices: Either start building a deathball from the beginning of the game (like BlastKrr's speedling hydra into doomball rush) or you can get a mobile army and with it safely secure a very quick third base (like a bio upgrade, no medivac EmpireKas style of play) or you can opt to harass your opponent with mutalisks for example, but do not overcommit. Usually arround 10-12 are enough to force static defence and slow down the next base of your opponent a lot.
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    So, where is the update? Looking forward for it.
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    I added them, also edited the thread a bit. If anyone has anything to add, go ahead :)
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    can't see the 2nd map image (hotlinking not allowed from TL)
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    I like that beach map, it will make for really great macro games i guess.

    Metropolis isnt too exiting in my opinion but daybreak is kind of fun. Hiding an army is very hard in that map though because the watch towers cover most of the center of the map. You cannot really move around with your forces without being spotted.
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    Every season SCII is taking a couple of steppes in the right direction !

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