SotDRP on version 1.25

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by KatanaSlayer, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. KatanaSlayer

    KatanaSlayer New Member

    Hey, im looking for any SotDRP that works on version 1.25, i've tried to host several versions but all of them gave me the 'invalid characters in mapname/too long mapname' error, even though i went as far as shortening them to just sotdrp.w3x
  2. Narks

    Narks Vastly intelligent whale-like being from the stars

    lol hah

    i wonder what changed in new patch

    edit: maps look fine to me
  3. KatanaSlayer

    KatanaSlayer New Member

    After checking everything else, apparently my maps folder had some unwanted characters in it. It was appearing just fine, but it wouldn't let me host maps...

    Makes no sense but thats what caused it.

    The fact that no one hosts SotDRP on Northrend(didn't notice a single one in past 4 hours) and that no one joins when i host is not that satisfying either. And its not my ports. :banghead:

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