Strategy Strategy Session 3- Might vs Mobility

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    Might vs Mobility

    Usually the unit composition of both players has similar mobility because they are trying to counter each others army. It is not uncommon, however, for 1 side to have really mobile, but medium powerful army and the second side to have a small deathbal.

    Which wins ? What is better to have ? How to make the best of what we have ?

    Which wins?

    It is hard to say, it depends on the skill of the players, however a few things can be said:
    • The deathball wins in a straight up fight
    • The mobile army can deal devestating damage to every point on the map where the deathbal is not.

    Obvious statements ? Sure. What do they mean ? That with the deathbal the second you decide to attack, you leave your bases vounerable to attack.

    The following situation is given: TvT, MMM vs Tank viking.
    Here are a few possible scenarios:
    I•The tanks begin their push.(midgame) 4-5 medivacs worth of units (32-40 supply worth of marine-marauder) gets dropped in the main terran base, killing the SCV's and the economy. The tanks, however are free to make a fast push because there is nothing to stop them. Both players loose their bases, base race.
    II•The tanks make a push, the attacker leaves a bit of defence to help deal with drops. The bio(MMM) terran drops. The end of the battle depends on the amount of defense, the reactions and the ammount of damage done depends on the players- if you have left a lot of defense your army might get crushed, if he drops more you might again end up in a base race.
    III•The mech terran leaves defense, the bio terran uses the mobility to surround his opponent. The resault is that most likely the bio terran will win, again it depends on the micro out of the both players, but in any case if both players macroed on the same level the left over army from either player won't be enough to kill his opponent, the best that the bio terran can do is a possible drop
    IV•The mech terran turtles until he reaches 200/200. The mech army will tear the bio appart. What is expected from the bio terran is to constantly drop. Depending on the defense(are there patrolling vikings?) the bio terran either has to cripple his opponent while having 3 base so he can compensate for his weaker army, OR make a sucsesful timing push before the terran tank number gets too high.

    This is just 1 scenario for 1 match up. There are a coupple of scenarios like that for each match up, not just the mirror ones, I posted this so that we can make one very important statement: The player with the mobile army MUST use it's mobility It might sound obvious but too often players get this army composition with the thoughts that they can use it's special skill, once maybe, maybe not, they just like the sound of it and then they get rolled over the second they engage the army directly.
    What is better to have?
    It depends fully on the player and his style of play. There isn't an easier style, each one of them punishes mercilesly for the smallest mistakes. The guidence I can give is, that if the player has good mechanics (no supply blocks, constant unit production) the deathball might be easier for him since it's power relays more on the mechanics than the micro. If the player has experience from warcraft III or any other RTS which requires more micro than the mobile armies might be the choice for him, since once the units from the drop have landed it is 100% player skill (both from the attacker and the defender) what damage will the drop do, will it get out alive and so on.

    Show is a wc3 player, who uses his wc3 micro to make midgame drops and get ahead.
    DarkForce has exceptional mechanics, that is why he uses roach-hydra-corruptor in EVERY game, and does it like a boss, tearing any unit composition (he has killed even tank viking with it) apart.
    How to make the best of what we have?
    Your mechanics must be flawless of course. Other than that, just stick to your army's strength, if you are immobile, defend until you can add static defense. If you are the mobile commander, ALWAYS look for an opening for harass. A unit here, 1-2 workers there, as long as you do it constantly in the end you might be the one with the death ball ^_^

    This concludes this strategy session, as always I am want to her your thoughts on this discussion. : )
  2. Cornface

    Cornface Avoid, if at all possible.

    What is it you want to point out? You obviously already stated the obvious facts about the mobile armies having mobility, and if you are to win, you have to abuse that mobility? (hurr durr) Else the more immobile will just tear through the more micro oriented mobile armies with ease?

    What is it that you really want to discuss?

    Also, I am curious to know what league you're in. You didn't hesitate to lock the discussion about the 1.4 PTR because you claimed our knowledge regarding our game was not enough? So what makes you think we can discuss mobile vs immobile armies? (Which obviously doesn't include much of a discussion value since the answer to the question is obvious..?
  3. Bloodcount

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    If it is so obvious, why do 10 out of 10 players in diamond rush to attack when they are going blink stalkers :p

    Yes, that is what I want to discuss, there are certain ways you can abuse the mobility more and certain ways to abuse the deathball, I didn't give examples on purpose.
  4. Cornface

    Cornface Avoid, if at all possible.

    I would assume it is because they know they have the superior force, and that they will win or inflict heavy economic damage if they push out. People push when they have the advantage dude.
  5. Bloodcount

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    There are multiple ways one can use an advantage, you can attack and try to win, you can expand or tech. For example, when you go blink stalkers you can get a random expo on the map. If he pushes out to kill it you blink up and kill his stuff. You don't have to fight to put pressure.
  6. Bloodcount

    Bloodcount Starcraft II Moderator Staff Member

    New strategy session coming by the end of the week !

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