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    Build Type: Safest Terran Expansion Opening
    Skill level: Moderate
    Build Pro’s: Safest terran opening, the same for all races (unlike the protoss fast expands). You can transition into virtually anything. This build is late game oriented. Unlike most fast expansions, this one doesn’t crumble to pressure (due to the repairable bunkers)
    Build countered by: Your forces are immobile, so drops and most mobile builds are a good way to deal with this.
    Most powerful in: Late game
    Match up: TvZ, TvP, TvT(when you are not facing a 1-1-1 build)

    Basic Build Order:
    • 10 Depot
    • 12 Barracks
    • 14 Barracks (#2)
    • 16 Depot
    • 15 Orbital Command
    • ~22-24 Command Center (upgrade it to an orbital command asap)
    • 25 Refinery x2
    • 25 Depot
    • 25 stop marine production
    • 27 Bunker x3

    • Have the SCVs at the expo on auto-repair and on a separate control group.
    • As long as you repair the bunkers you can’t be easily defeated
    • Make sure that the positioning of the bunkers is good, or else you might loose an unneeded amount of SCVs/units
    • If your opponent is on one base, add missile turrets at the front, reasonably fast
    • You are on two bases, do not neglect a third one
    • If you are expecting an attack, do not hesitate to add more bunkers: you only lose 25 minerals when you salvage them and they can be repaired. They offer a good amount of effective health to your units

    Example follow ups:
    Due to the fact that you are on 2 bases, you can afford to go the more expensive builds, like mech for example. The MMM is viable as well, but it tests your multitasking.
    • Bio Mech
    • Mech
    • Tank Viking
    • MMM

    A small tutorial on how to defend your base from all ins:
    You will want to transfer around 8-10 SCVs to your expo. They are there to repair should an all in happen. Once you have your expo you and have double mules, you can afford to constantly produce units. If you feel endangered place more bunkers, you can salvage them at any time
    Try to focus fire the banelings or sentries. These are the only units that endanger you. Banelings, although not cost effective, kill your bunkers and sentries can deny your SCVs the repair ability.
    Get rid of these two and their rush is doomed. Don’t worry if you loose SCVs, you have 2 bases AND double the mules, which are the core unit if you are rebuilding your army or have suffered economical damage.

    This is the preferred bunker placement. It doesn't work as well only on this map, due to the "back door" to the west of your base behind the grass, still this is the correct position for most maps. Also remember to transfer a bunch of SCVs and set them to auto-repair.
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