Top 5 Maps in the Warcraft 3 Map Database

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    These are the top five downloaded maps from the World Editor Tutorials Warcraft 3 Map Database.

    DOTA: Free Dota Template 1.0 - Just add Heroes and items! A free DotA template for any mapper to use. Includes all the popular game modes and more. Multiboard, tally score, allpick, allrandom, id, revive creeps and more.

    Ryoko TD v2.5 Full - All new layout For version II. Five races, 87 towers, 30 game levels. New special game levels with immunities and abilities. Players are on teams of two. New towers and a few new mini games.

    King of the Castle - Your castle is under attack and you must defend it. Play an all out total war by defending off your castle from intruders, and attempt to ruin your enemies castle by sending your forces to attack.

    Naruto Wars 5.50d
    The latest installation in the evergrowing popularity of the series Naruto Wars. The best Naruto map yet!

    Defi4nc3's ORPG V0.16D!
    Defi4nc3's ORPG V0.16D! For more Info Visit

    Mapmakers be sure to submit your Maps to our Map Submit Section.
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    The Warcraft 3 Maps Database....
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    For Great Justice!

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