USB Ports Malfunctioning

Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by -OverpoweR-, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. -OverpoweR-

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    Ellow guys, i've been having this problem with my USB Ports, i dont know how to explain exatly, but it kinda like, Unplugges and Plugs in my Mouse (for example) automatically on its own, like , sometimes my mouse Deactives and than i need to Plug out and In again for it to work, i hope im clear enough on what my problem is, and perhaps any of you had to deal with it before or know a possible solution to it? :) Of course,i am suspicious of the Ports falling apart like, since its been like 2 years already that i have this laptop

    Ps. i am on Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv6-1310ez Running Windows 7 Ultimate

    Pps. my Touchpad also doesnt work, or doesnt work properly i may say, it like, instead of moving normally, it moves like,only 1 inch up or down, no matter what direction you touch the pad to move it... Hope i've been clear enough, but please, if there is anything that might clear this mess up even more, feel free to ask :thup:

    Ppps. Its not up to mouse, i've tried multiple other Mouses , and tried the same ones on my other PC,they work just fine there, the problem is on my Laptop and/or Its USB ports...
  2. azareus

    azareus And you know it.

    Maybe try reinstalling the drivers for your USB ports. It is pretty normal for USB ports (especially in laptops) to begin malfunctioning after a few years. My laptop has a dead one too.
  3. -OverpoweR-

    -OverpoweR- Member

    Nope :( already tried that, had no effect...
  4. Slapshot136

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    have you tried cleaning them out with compressed air?
  5. rover2341

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    not likey on a labptop but some pc,s have a cord from the usb on the mother board that extands out somewhere. if thats the case it could be a internal calble. But on a labtop i doubt it
  6. -OverpoweR-

    -OverpoweR- Member

    @ Slapshot argh, i should try that perhaps, i did try blowing into the ports and i think,that it increased the periodic interval of which the mouse stopped functioning :D

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