Health Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years.

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by tom_mai78101, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. tom_mai78101 The Helper Connoisseur / Ex-MineCraft Host

    A vaccine delivered in an injection or nasal spray to prevent heart attacks could be available within five years.

    Scientists have discovered that the drug stimulates the body's immune system to produce antibodies which prevent heart disease by stopping fat building up in the arteries.

    It is the first time that the underlying cause of heart disease has been targeted. Current treatments focus on using drugs to reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

    The vaccine can cut the build up of fat in arteries by up to 70 per cent, according to tests by researchers at Lund University in Sweden. The fatty deposits cause arteries to narrow, meaning the body has to work harder to pump blood, and can lead to a heart attack.

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  2. FireCat Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!

    A vaccine? Well, if it helps to save lives is good news.
  3. YourFace <span style="color:#9C9C9C;"><strong>Runner Up - T

    This is great, but I think it can also be counterproductive since it'll encourage people to stay fat, keep their health draining jobs, and neglect their children.
  4. The Helper Administrator

    You have to be real careful about any big news on April Fools day. Reddit says this news is an April Fools Joke. An anti-heart attack vaccine? How exactly would that work now? LOL!
  5. GetTriggerUnit- DogEntrepreneur

    It wasn't posted on the 1st and it was also on livescience.
  6. The Helper Administrator

    You have to remember Tom Mai is in China. His time is different.

    Also, a heart attack is not caused by a virus. A Vaccine is not possible, though much desired.
  7. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Although 'vaccine' would undoubtedly be the wrong word, what they describe in the article sounds plausible enough; why shouldn't there be something we can administer to ourselves that would help prevent fatty build-up in arteries? But that being said, they don't mention the chemical's/medication's name or what it's derived from, and they don't seem to present anything that would help to prove these claims true. In all likelihood, it's a fake article. But it seems like they might just be onto something with it.
  8. The Helper Administrator

    Yeah, the Flying Wings one seemed plausible as well, and I wanted that to be true so badly :) Its an Aprils fools Joke I am quite sure.
  9. tom_mai78101 The Helper Connoisseur / Ex-MineCraft Host

    Actually, I'm in Taiwan, near China.
  10. FireCat Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!

    Yeah, I think it's a joke, too. lol
  11. phyrex1an Staff Member and irregular helper

    Here is an official mention of the research the article is talking about:

    Kinda hard to get more specific than that given the low quality of the article and how unfamiliar I am with medicine.
  12. FireCat Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!

    Just tell me how can a Vaccination via a nasal spray prevent a heart attacks? And is it one-time vaccination or you need moar?
    Well, you know a vaccinations are "not 100% guaranteed" to prevent a disease in everyone who is vaccinated.
  13. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Well, according to the article it would likely be a long-term treatment... if it were real. As far as the nasal spray is concerned, there are many exposed blood vessels and capillaries in the nasal passages in which a chemical compound with fat-eliminating properties could enter the bloodstream. From there, it would have to find its way into the major arteries to target the fatty build-up there, although I couldn't tell you exactly how that would work. I feel like since your circulatory system is a closed system, the chemical would eventually wind up in all major arteries at some point or another, right?

    I really think this idea could be possible. I hope they start working on something like it soon, if they haven't already. Could be a miracle-thing for those with poor genetics (as far as heart disease is concerned).
  14. FireCat Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!

    But such things already exist, doesn't it really? And call it for a "long-term treatment vaccine" that Hmm sounds fishy
  15. The Helper Administrator

    I think maybe it is just a deceiving headline or interpretation rather than fake. The research it is based on does not seem fake to me but I have been fooled in the past, lol.
  16. Fatmankev Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker

    Don't feel bad, I felt like I'd just seen magic when he flew up off that ground, myself. Shit was so awe-inspiring that it's really depressing it was all fake. =(

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