Warcraft 4: Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by Ishida, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Ishida New Member

    Has anybody heard knews yet of a warcraft 4, it seems that it would be considered.

    Battle.net holding Thousands of players online at a time, then garena alone holding 250 thousand plus clearly states that the game was a success, years after it's release.

    I've been looking around for tell of a new warcraft in development, i heard of one and it's supposably using the starcraft II engine, any knews?
  2. wilze Active Member

    It's not going to happen. Ever.
  3. LurkerAspect Check out Elemental Tournament!

    I wouldn't count on it, looking at the rate that Blizzard produces it's games. Even if they do make one, we'll only see it in something like 5 or 10 years! It's entirely possible someone might make a Starcraft 2 mod with Warcraft units and environments, but I think that's the best we'll get.
  4. Slapshot136 Divide et impera

    it won't happen be announced until LOTV and another diablo expansion at the very minimum..
  5. 13lade619 is now a game developer :)

    I guess there's no point in making another Warcraft RTS.
    As the upcoming SC2 Trilogy is deemed one of the best RTSs and ESports to date.
  6. C-Death I love you

    Probably not. Blizzards developers are too busy making pets and mounts for WoW >.>
    (Yes I'm bitter about WoW)
  7. Furby Current occupation: News poster

    I think that they are done with Warcraft franchise, maybe max one more WoW exp. They are creating brand new franchise so that's the way, I think, they will be focusing on.
  8. C-Death I love you

    Agreed. I think after Mists they're done.
  9. Jaujarahje I have now changed this in the User CP

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