Warcraft III Frozen Throne 1.21 LAN [via hamachi]

Discussion in 'Blizzard Games Help' started by dropfuire, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. dropfuire

    dropfuire Guest

    Anyone out there who uses Hamachi? or any LAN (my friend has been having the same problem doing a normal non over internet LAN too) I run WinXP and have been playin WC3 fine on hamachi with my friends until that patch came out, and now I can't play with my friends who don't want to upgrade (lol), and those manual LAN users which my friend plays with who don't have an internet connection.

  2. ReVolver

    ReVolver Moderator Staff Member

    Its a program that lets you play LAN without having the computers actually connected to each other.

    I did this before, your friend has to give you his ip address and you have to configure Hamachi.
  3. phyrex1an

    phyrex1an Staff Member and irregular helper Staff Member

    And you must have the same version of warcraft. There is no way around that.
  4. hobo218

    hobo218 Meh

    I use Hamaci a lot with LAN games, and it works fine for me.
    Like phyrex said, make sure you have the same version, and it should work fine.
  5. dropfuire

    dropfuire Guest

  6. dropfuire

    dropfuire Guest

    sry for the dpost but my computer was having a bit of a lag with the eidt button.. but why does blizzard do this? is it bcuz u can't easily update pirated games or something? (DONT get suspicious lol im playing with an original)
  7. phyrex1an

    phyrex1an Staff Member and irregular helper Staff Member

    Well, the updates have a reason. Usually a security fix or a balance change. So two different versions of wc3 doesn't work the same, and units won't have the same stats. So two different versions are incompatible with each other, just imagine what would happen if your friends wc3 consider a footman to have 450hp while your computer says 500hp :p

    I find it more annoying that you can't watch old replays when you have updated, I lost a great amount of good replays after the 1.19 patch.
  8. dropfuire

    dropfuire Guest

    Thanks for all the help! I posted a help in the hamachi support forums and haven't got a reply in three days... this forum rocks XD
  9. dropfuire

    dropfuire Guest

    another short question.. is the A B C D or Es behind the 1.20 vital?
  10. hobo218

    hobo218 Meh

    Yes, that identifies what version it is.
    For example, 1.20b is different than 1.20e.
    1.20e would be the most recent version for that.
  11. yash_dhan

    yash_dhan Guest

    can somebody tell how to configure hamachi and war3 frozen throne to play
    by friends have same version and we created network but cannot able to play game
  12. Father_Yetti

    Father_Yetti New Member

    Looks like this thread went dead, but I'm not going to post a new one yet. I have Hamachi and the person who I am trying to connect with has Hamachi (same version) as well and the same version of WCIII, yet we are unable to see eachothers games. I can see the server that he makes and he can see mine if I make one. It says we are connected but cannot see eachothers games. We've tried changing the ports etc. but I don't really know what else to do. I know that there is something we need to configure because I've done it before in the past but for the life of me I can't remember what it was or how. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. I know this can work, I've had it working before but on different computers. Again help is greatly appreciated. + rep. Thanks.
  13. Theoriez

    Theoriez Guest

    I am having exactly the same problems as the user above me, I have thoroughly checked firewall settings etc, but my Hamachi still isnt happy.

    Hamachi actually used to work fine for me, but recently it just hasn't been working as it should (i.e. not seeing each others LAN games etc).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

    GG-Client is better for laning then hamachi IMO and i tested both,


    Anyways if you decide to download GG-Client, just add me "Demi666" and challange our clan to DotA :)
  15. Father_Yetti

    Father_Yetti New Member

    Nice I am just getting into DotA and it rocks! I'll try the GG-Client. Can you give me a reliable and trusted site to download that from? I'll play with you sometime but I can't challenge your clan, its just me. Also anyone hear about lancraft? Will that help to run Hamachi as far as configuring the game ports?
  16. Olpe

    Olpe New Member


    I think I have a bunch of solutions.

    Firstly of course make sure all the players have exactly the same version of TFT.
    Then to the point:

    1. The computer has a priority with the networks.
    For example I have three networks: Internet, Our home LAN, and Hamachi.

    After Hamachi is installed, it has the lowest priority among the networks, so Warcraft won't use it.

    So correct it:
    Windows: Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Advanced (in the menu of the "Network Connections"-window. In Windows Vista, press alt to make the menu bar visible.) -> "Advanced Settings"

    Then use the arrows to move Hamachi to the top.

    2. It the above didn't work, use LANcraft, which is a Warcraft TCP/IP emulator.
    The game host don't need it but all joiners do.
    A) Download LANcraft
    B) Extract Lancraft.exe into the Warcraft folder
    C) Start it; Put game host's Hamachi-IP-address into the ip-field (It has as a default, so replace it. You can leave the port as it is.)
    D) Start Warcraft and you should see the game now

    3. The Hamachi version. Newer versions don't always work for some reason.
    Hamachi is safe, so uninstall your current Hamachi, download, and install it.

    4. This is the last resort, but it works. It isn't actually even playing in LAN in VPN-network.. but anyway. It's using the xpam.

    A) It only works on TFT 1.23, so download the upgrade or the whole patch if your version differs.

    B) Then download xpam
    C) Extract it into the Warcraft folder.
    D) Install it. (By running xpam.exe)
    E) Create account to Eurobattle.net
    F) Run eurobattle.reg (in your game folder) (This adds some information to the registry)
    G) Run euroloader.exe (This starts the game with modified Battle.net)
    H) Join Battle.net servers. (which are actually eurobattle.net servers)
    I) Create a game in Custom Game
    J) Share the game name to your friends and ask them to join your game :)

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