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    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Warzone Tower Defense

    I have decided to post the WIP version of my Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Guide. This is a Work in Progress (WIP) and M O A R !!! will be added to this guide soon.

    Warzone Tower Defense is a Defend your base by creating a maze of defensive weapons and using effects like an EMP and a Nuke to defend your towers through waves of enemies type game. Games like Starcraft and Warcraft 3 have Map Editors that this genre is popular on but this is the Flash version and it is by Mad Cow Interactive and is totally free and available to anyone who can run flash on there browser.

    This guide will detail the different defensive units and talk about the different modes of play as well as provide hints and tips to get to the highest levels you can on Warzone Tower Defense.

    Play Warzone Tower Defense at the official site. You can also find the game hosted on many different other game sites. The Mad Cow Interactive forum is located here. A basic guide walkthrough for the game can be found here. If anyone has any additonal information on the company and/or any links to information, faqs or game guides for this game please post them in this thread.

    This is just the beginning of a full fledged FAQ/Guide for this game provided one does not already exist that is fully comprehensive.

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Warzone Tower Defense Guide - The Weapons.

    Comprehensive Tower Stats can be found here.

    - Machine Gun - fast firing air and ground weapon (necessary for the beginning but in the end you will want to replace them. On the 100k mode you can practice mazes with only machine guns and be able to fill up the entire map with a maze of machine guns on all different map types.

    - Cannon - ground only fast firing weapon (I never use them)

    - Flame Thrower - splash damage

    - Plasma Cannon - fast firing medium ranged weapon but expensive

    - Pulse Emitter - splash damage - *** When used in lines the upgrade to Pulse Emitter Two can double the effect of this weapon when used inline (image example coming) - further upgrades additionally multiply damage and range of effectiveness

    - Laser Cannon / Air Laser - damage across the line of the beam (my favorite weapon) - upgrade to an air tower for a dollar after buying the regular laser. If you switch to Air Laser there is no switching back you would have to sell to get a regular laser back.

    - Flak Cannon - fast firing air defense more air damage than machine gun but less that missle turret - I never use these though they would be more effective under an EMP since they are fast firing on slowed down targets. That is always good.

    - Missle Turret - long range air defense weapon that is a target seeker that will seek out other air targets in its range if the one it was going to is destoyed.

    - Heavy Cannon - slow firing rate but heavy damage

    - Structures

    - Wall Blocks - use to create paths and fill up space - see the Warzone Tower Defense Wall Blocks Strategy for more information on Wall Blocks and how to use them effectively.

    Offensive Weapons

    - The Bomb - a weapon of last defense - high amount of splash damage over a small location

    - EMP Pulse - a blast of energy that slows targets down (very important)

    - Nuke - a large scale attack that inflicts more damage at the center but has great power throughout the blast range lessening to the end of the range.

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Warzone Tower Defense Guide - Game Play Modes

    - Default - normal prices for all defenses and you start at Level 1.

    - Quick Cash - when you kill an enemy you get more money to start then Default. Your income stream is going to be greater as the money is more per kill. This is the level I typically play.

    - 5K Start - start with 5000 credits and a higher level attack wave. Good for testing out beginning strategies.

    - Accelerated Play - Enemies are 2X as fast but have 1/2 the hit points. Crazy fast action here. EMPs work well on this level and Nukes are more effective due to the units lower hit points

    - 10 Tower Limit

    - 20 Tower Limit

    - 20k fixed

    - 50k fixed

    - 100k fixed - start with 100k credits but you do not get any more credits for killing anything. Good to test out starting strategies. You can get to 100 levels with just a machine gun defense in this mode.

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Warzone Tower Defense Guide - Maps

    - Field of Broken Dreams - Defend the left bottom corner.

    - My Little Fortress - Defend the middle with two entrances to your base. Can you use them together somehow?

    - Desert Pass - lots of obstacles prevent you from making clear paths

    - Enclave - defend the top right corner

    - Red Planet - lots of obstacles prevent you from making clear paths

    - Split Decision - you have 2 bases in this one to protect.

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Warzone Tower Defense Guide - Other Items

    - Money - you get money for killing enemies. The amount of money you get is different by enemies where the more powerful ones give you more money. As you increase in levels the more you get for kill. Boss Enemies give a large amount of cash when killed

    - Upgrades - Upgrading your structures is an efficient way to increase your firepower as upgrades are less expensive than another full tower. You can upgrade your structures 4 times and each upgrade doubles the damage of weapons and increases the effective range.

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ and Warzone Tower Defense Guide - The Strategies

    - Mazes

    - Weapon Placement Combinations

    - EMP and Nukes

    -- EMPs are very useful defensive weapons and necessary to implement into your strategies to get to the higher levels. You can use EMPs to slow enemies down so your towers can do more damage and also so they can block other enemies and slow them down as well in the lanes.

    -- Nukes are very powerful but expensive weapons. They are more powerful towards the center of the blast. Nukes are great for a weapon of last resort. If you notice your going to be overrun start selling the towers at the back of your defense to nuke the enemies coming towards your base.

    - Air Defense

    - Map Specific Guides

    - Other

    -- Using Wall Blocks - Describes a strategy to use the Wall Blocks to make paths for the enemies that bottleneck them in your maze.

    -- Robbing Peter to Pay Paul - Describes a strategy where you sell Towers on the enemy side to fund Nukes and Base defense on the Base side to make it to higher levels and to go out with a bang. :)

    -- Infinite Trap - a ground strategy that details how to loop enemies in an endless trap.

    More to come. Stay Tuned. Warning - if you have not tried this game it is pretty addictive :thup:
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    Ah, I've played this game before, and it is fun! :D

    I just got to level 95 on the split (ground only). (42734 points)

    A few tips:

    -When you maze, try to position your towers for maximum efficiency. For example, Put the flame throwers and laser towers right in front of places where you've made a line, so that when they hit one enemy, they hit all of the enemies behind them.

    -Machine guns aren't very good in the later levels. Sell cheaper towers, and use the money to replace it with a better tower. That way, a better tower can do more damage in less time, as it is in a good position.

    -Put towers with higher range on the edges of your maze, so that the short range towers can hit more units. The higher range towers will still be able to reach, and they might even be able to hit units before they even get to your maze.
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    I totally forgot about flame throwers. Added. I can get to level 150 on ground. If you have not tried it out lately they have added ground only levels. I got to level 175 ground only with EMP strategy I have not posted yet but not have not tried it with the air yet. Keeping a stash of cash for EMPs is the key to mastering this one.
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    wheee, I love game tutorials :D
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    You weren't lying when you said you were addicted to this game :p

    At least it is a good game to get addicted to.
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    Level 119 first try.
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    Updated the guide a bit. Added information about the Accelerated Play option as I have just discovered it. Talked a little about the EMPs and Nukes and added a little information about upgrades and money.
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    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ - Warzone Tower Defense Strategy - Rob Peter to pay Paul

    In honor of the US Economy I present for your consideration the Rob Peter to Pay Paul Warzone Tower Defense Strategy -

    The idea of this strategy is to build the majority of your base on the enemies side so you can sell off your assets at the end so you can go out with a bang. Use Nukes and upgrade your home base defenses with the money you get from the sales and use EMPs to keep the enemy at bay over the halfway point. When the enemy closes in sell of your far assets and start to nuke and EMP. Use Wall blocks to make mazes to trap enemies so you can Nuke them in your final death throws. Nuke the small bike enemies to get cash for new nukes or upgrades.
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    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ - Warzone Tower Defense Strategy - Using Wall Blocks

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ - Warzone Tower Defense Strategy - Wall Block Traps - Wall Block Defenses

    Wall Block Traps are a way to make a little area for you to nuke or emp in your base defense. They are mazes with just Wall Blocks in a back forth row in the most efficient way to just get the enemy in a common area.


    Unless you micromanage your defenses you will always concentrate on the closest enemy automatically unless you override it and so you will always get into how fast you can destroy the unit ahead while the unit behind moves up.

    This advice is for Wall Blocks without defenses just to say use wall block sections just to organize your defenses or to set your final defense.
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    Added screenshots to illustrate the new strategies.
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    I played this game so much I started getting what I though was carpal tunnel in my hand. It was all numb and hurting at night for about a year LOL! It was from using the mouse so much and pressing on the hand a certain way.

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