You want this (Official SDK, schematics, manuals and more)

Discussion in 'NUON-Dome General Discussion' started by K3V, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

  2. Stephen

    Stephen You can change this now in User CP.

    Awesome - as soon as my retarded ass can get my router configured, I'll download and seed this for you. Thanks for sharing.

    Stephen Anderson
  3. Riff

    Riff Guest

    I'm kind of disappointed. The documentation doesn't even have the Nuon architecture PDF. I was hoping to nab the HAL and file system driver documentation. The serial interface adapter is interesting, but it uses a polyface chip and because there is no associated test code for the Nuon side of things, it looks like it simply maps all of the serial pins to joystick buttons and requires the BIOS controller polling rate to be ramped up as high as possible. If this isnt the case, the interface doesnt do much good as you would need an associated filesystem driver and you can't write one without the documentation.
  4. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    Well we'll see. In a few weeks I hope to have some test software from a friend for the serial adapter. I was able to get one of the originals from VM Labs so we're going to put it through it's paces and see what we can come up with. The one I got is just like the one on this page:

    If you need close-up pics or info on it let me know.
  5. TXG-MNX

    TXG-MNX Guest

    looking for this info


    I did miss this file that includes: I can't find the torrent anywhere.

    Could someone send these files, in parts of 10Mb to my e-mail account ? My mailbox is over 500Mb so that should work. Best use WINRAR for compression and splitting files...

    Official SDK
    Serial adapter schematics
    Composer Kit
    Devkit Manual
    Aries 3 schematics
    Galaxy Quest Enhancements
    Port Data

    PLEASE HELP, or send me a link where I can download this stuff...

  6. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

    Hmm, the torrent linked in Kev's post is still active for me. Or do you not want to use bittorrent?
  7. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    I've got it up and seeding...should work for you. I don't have time to break it down into 10MB files so it's torrent or nothing :)
  8. TXG--MNX

    TXG--MNX Guest

    lost my account :-( but created a new one....

    I did download it ;-) with bittorent, I normally did use ABC as torrent client but that didn't download this torrent :confused: never had this problem before... but hell ya I got it...

    I gonna look into this joypad stuff, did anyone every build an FPGA design for the serial convertor ? I want to look at this, it should be nice...

  9. tielk

    tielk Guest

    Missed it!

    Would anyone mind kindly seeding this for at least a few hours? Thanks!
  10. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    I can put it back up later tonight. I'll post back when I have it running.
  11. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

    I was seeding last night and left my computer on over night because I saw someone was grabbing it. Was that you?
  12. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    I've got it seeding now too.
  13. tielk

    tielk Guest

    Yes, I've got it. Thanks a lot guys.
  14. Karyyk

    Karyyk Active Member

    Hmmm, apparently I missed something in my absence. I'm trying to see if it's available, but I'm guessing the odds aren't good.
  15. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

    I still seed it every time I have Azureus open, which is most evenings and weekends. I'll seed it tonight (PST).
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  16. K3V

    K3V NUON-Dome Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah I can seed again too if you're looking for it.
  17. Karyyk

    Karyyk Active Member

    I would be quite appreciative if you would. :D
  18. mltv

    mltv Guest

    I would be interested in this as well. I tried torrent, but no seeders.
  19. Skah T

    Skah T Former VML engineer

    I'll seed when I get home in a couple hours.
  20. AlexC

    AlexC Guest

    Can't it be made available on the web page?

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