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  1. Ngoc_Linh99
    Em muốn bên anh những ngày mưa và đưa em theo những ngày nắng <3<3<3
  2. jonas
    jonas Sim
    Hey daxtreme, you're still going online :) drop by in the chat one day
  3. Kombatant
    Finish Him!
  4. 911reg
    learning Jass
  5. DJBobbieHiLL
    Hi, my name is Ryan and i love to make maps in WC3 World Editor
  6. Widescreen
    Widescreen Accname
    hey man my map wont stop crashing and i dont know why, would you mind giving it a look?
  7. LurkerAspect
    Officially a Super Lurker now (hide yo kids, hide yo Marines)
  8. jonas
    jonas Christina Johns
    How are you doing? How is your knee? Hope you are well.
  9. Pidda
    Dark Invasion II - [ORPG] - |Mod's Pick| Nowadays an actual Game Programmer
  10. jonas
    Tempus Fugit
  11. Christina Johns
  12. Christina Johns
    Christina Johns
    The knee that was rammed by a ram is healing well, and I should be running and dancing again soon.
  13. Christina Johns
    Christina Johns
    Killed a black recluse and a scorpion last night, in my living room.
  14. doctorclu
    doctorclu gameblabla
    Hey Gameblabla, write me at on your question about getting some official games for the Nuon.
  15. Christina Johns
    Christina Johns
    Think I was stung by a scorpion.
  16. The Helper
    The Helper Slapshot136
    10 years brother glad to see you still lurking!
  17. Christina Johns
    Christina Johns
    Just played hooky from my editing to give myself an avatar (who looks just like me.)
  18. The Helper
    The Helper Christina Johns
    Hello Christina and welcome to - I hope you enjoy your stay!
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  19. The Helper
  20. Romek
    Romek DrEvil
    Hey! Well done on the grades (and I'm sure everything else that came after)! I hope you're well :)