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    LoL Vladimir Guide

    Dunno where you copied the ability tooltips from but they are outdated. And that skill order is a complete no-go. R > Q > E > W with one level in W at level 2.
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    The Terrain Thread

    Eh it shows a smaller version if you click on the image, I don't like this at all. Click on the file name for the full version~ And it's not possible to edit posts? uh....
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    The Terrain Thread

    Woah what happend here, everything is so... different.
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    The Terrain Thread

    Sanctuary (Cry with you)
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    Zerg flowchart

    Well if you're good...
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    Some help needed with transitions between maps

    Here's the updated version (I only shortened the name of the save files) of my example campaign, it works for me. The only problem I know of, is that it doesn't work if the filepath (name of the campaign file + the save-game) is too long, so you should keep these two short.
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    Pokemon in the future?

    Those changes don't really influence the difficulty, they just make the gameplay more smooth aka better. Having to walk back to the pokemon center (especially without a bike) was just annoying, I really liked the changes they did. Another example would be that they don't show the current weather...
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    Trolling Protoss The Zerg Way.

    No, only humans are that stupid.
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    ZvZ . Crazy Infestor play

    You can watch the first set for free, you just need to make an account. It's pretty damn hard to find the VODs on other sites nowadays, GOM managed to take almost everything down within the last few weeks.
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    ZvZ . Crazy Infestor play Leenock is soooooo awesome! He's going to be the next July, you'll see!
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    Akinator, the Web Genius

    He didn't get Ren from Fragile Dreams. :3
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    [WIP] Emergence Day

    Cute! I hope that's not the lowpoly version, isn't sc2's average polycount around 1000?
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    World of Starcraft

    Yeah I also heard that Michael Jackson will do the voice acting for Zeratul.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    A9VSZwXQyYI @_@