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  • thanks, I appreciate that. If you ever find yourself mapping in SCII and need anyhelp what so ever, tell me.
    too bad, we never did finish the warcraft III map we started :p Well, I hope you can deal with those things that have your attention occupied and I hope that they turn out good in the end. :)
    Accname : place a dummy somewhere in the map with a bugged model, place it inside an area no player can see. if the player uses iseedeadpeople or a maphack he will reveal it for him and the game will crash because of the bugged model.

    Lifee: Where i can find bugged model ?
    I noticed lateron and removed the post. Then I saw you already replied. You might want to remove your post, too.
    I didnt actually notice that, lmfao i got it from when i was talking to sabrio xD Sorry about that
    It'd probably save map space and be more efficient to use Hashtables, and it would be more logical in a coding stand point. Not doing it merely seems stubborn, to me.
    hi, thank you very much. Actually i wanted to post a different idea but i hadnt got enough time for that so i had to come up with another idea and that was pretty much the birth of Halloween Rider.
    Your question is answered fast, i used WEU (Its outdated i know, better use JassNewGen instead) to add new tiles to my map (it removes tile limit) but the additional cliff tile is not useable. using it for the maps terrain will mess it up because of 3 different cliff tiles. this is not avoidable, sorry mate.
    Hi! I just gotta say I loved the map you made for the contest. Very cool terrain it was mainly that which blew me away. I just gotta ask how you got three different cliff types in one map. This would be very useful for me in one map :p. Again very cool map love the terrain.
    well, i havent got much time, i am a busy guy. I always check the forums once or twice a weak to see how the members projects go but i am most of the time not logged in and just watching as guest.
    am sorry but time is valuable.
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