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    New to WC3 editor. [Creating a wall].

    The areas shaded purple simply indicate areas on the map that land units cannot travel over.
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    Creep Spawning System

    In the dialog that allows you to choose a trigger function, there is a list of categories near the top left corner. This list of categories includes an option to search for function names containing text that you enter. Use that next time you can't find something.
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    Why do you have -500 rep?

    Why do you have -500 rep?
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    In need of help with world editor WC3

    Try putting a 'Show Message' action in your second trigger, just before the status message, to verify that it is being executed. If you get the message, you're probably not being added to the group HeroPlayerGroup_Quests. If you don't, the trigger is probably not being enabled. Also, I...
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    The Happy Holidays thread

    I have been using GUI triggers in my maps but I'm relatively new to JASS. So I have found a way to include GetLocalPlayer() queries in a GUI trigger without turning the whole thing into JASS. It's simple: GetLocalPlayer query in a GUI trigger Actions Custom script: if (...
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    How to play a sound for certain player?

    This is what I have in my map: To play an 'error' sound for only Owner of Triggering Unit: Custom script: if ( GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()) ) then Sound - Play Error <gen> Custom script: endif I have tested this and it does not desync the...
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    Killing Units in an area

    For the event, use the generic unit event 'A unit dies'. For the condition, check that the dying unit is a Hero. This is under Boolean Comparison > Unit Classification Check. For the action, use a 'Pick every unit in a unit group' loop. This is in the 'Unit Group' category. It will pick every...
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    Crime Occupy!

    One of these pictures is larger than my screen, and is making the home page scroll horizontally.
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    Reviving creeps (dota style?)

    As I understand it, what you're doing is actually making some modifications to Warcraft's normal rules. I don't think that's lame at all. There is a possible issue though: at level 10 your Hero will have maxxed out all of their abilities, so if you want to go beyond there, you should create...
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    I need help organising 2 teams with 10 players

    Enabling 'Fixed Player Settings' in Scenario > Force Properties should do this. Many non-melee maps do this including DotA.
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    Mana Icon

    (Picked unit) is only valid in a 'Pick every unit in unit group' loop. But the rest of it should work fine. I don't know what will happen if you have anything else dependent on food though.
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    World Unlicensed World of Warcraft theme park opens in China

    It's unlikely that we all have heard of World of Warcraft.
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    I notice you're referring to the triggering unit after removing it. Consider changing your trigger to this: Kenny Lee ... Actions ... Set TempPoint = Position of (Triggering unit) Unit - Create 1 Kenshi` for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at...
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    Y Doesn't this heal or damage the targeted unit?

    This is just my opinion, but I believe abbreviating things is OK in online chat (because you need to type quickly) as long as the other person can understand you but posting in forums is more formal and deserves proper spelling, especially because a lot of newbs post here. Someone once replied...
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    Random is not random

    If you're using a temp variable you can have a 'Text Message' to see if it's actually coming up 7 every time. You should really have different names for the units, even if you just put something in Editor Suffix so that it doesn't appear in game. (Use Fixed Random Seed makes no sense to me. It...