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    Simple VBA Code Help (MS Excel)

    Been a while since I came back here, what.. 2 or 3 years. HAHAHA well, here's my question. How do you code this? If I click a command button, the value from the text box will be inputed in Cells(1,1) and if I click it again, the value will be inputed in Cells(2,1)? I tried using this...
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    PC Fallout New Vegas

    ^ Not to mention Boone (Your companion, I think that's his name) is the most overpowered guy in the game. He kills enemies before I even noticed them. (Took 1 headshot to kill the nightkin) That's why I never use him.
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    General One Armed One Legged Monkey Slaughters 80 Chickens

    i Lol'd. Teach him to play PC.
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    PC Dragon Age: Awakening

    An expansion... thought it was just a DLC. Well.. the trailer seems good. ;) If i have the money ill buy it.
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    Iron Man 2 (2010)

    The black iron man.. cool. ;)
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    'The Book of Eli'

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    'The Book of Eli'

    V0jezpdMLPs PLOT: PS:
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    Signature Natural Talent: Bewbage by Pineapple

    Its all about girls. Pineapple never cease to amaze us. Nice job though.
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    Breaking Benjamin New Album - "Dear Agony"

    Saw this on youtube. Forgot to use the "Youtube Option" Track listing: 1. Fade Away 2. I Will Not Bow 3. Crawl 4. Give Me A Sign 5. Hopeless 6. What Lies Beneath 7. Anthem Of The Angels 8. Lights Out 9. Dear Agony 10. Into The Nothing 11. Without You...
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    District 9

    The best movie I've ever seen this month!! 11/10! Nice Visual Graphics. Good Story. Nice Ending.
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    You OK man? Recover Fast!

    You OK man? Recover Fast!
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    Signature IronMan

    Looks like it was stretched. I give it a B+
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    Creepy Girl Drawing

    LOL'd @Topc Nice one! My fav was the eyeglass dude thing.
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    Environment New Species of Giant Rat found in 'Lost Volcano'

    It doesn't look any different from all other rats. -_-
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    Photo Nature photos from school.

    ^ Agreed. Ants Pwn.