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  • Actually I forgot to mention megadeth. They are a great band though. I listen to Iron Maiden and Judas priest, but to me they seem more like hard rock than straight up metal.
    Figured I would start this here, rather than making a whole bunch of off topic posts.

    Umm. Band's I like, it's really not as much metal as I make it out to be. It's really more classic rock, and "hard rock". Really the only metal I'm into is slayer, disturbed and that it. Most of my favourites are more the hard/progressive/classic rock genre, absolute favourite being rush.
    Well. The lightning effects still don't work..that's true. But apart from that, there's a bug where the second trigger activated the first trigger when it's not supposed to. I have no idea why...and this causes the caster to jitter (pause->unpause->pause, etc)....which isn't supposed to happen.

    I asked on the forums...but no one was willing to get their head around the code (It's quite long :p )
    Which spell?
    If you're talking about the one waaaay back...it's finished but there's a bug that I can't seem to solve.
    If you're talking about Chaotic Bond...then it's finished, though by someone else...who's name escapes me at this time :p .
    I lost all my maps >.< including the ones I'm using to make your spells. So it might take another while for me to make another one :T I'm really sorry...
    Really? Haha, wow it's really nice there! LOL have fun man, and you deserve a break from all this :p
    Ah its ok. I need to perfect my AI anyway. IT can only fight against Tauren chieftan right now lol :p.
    Woops. Seems like Romek shut it down. I'd still like to see if I can battle your AI with mine. PMing Romek about it now.
    I know you are a guy. That is the wierd part. Well, tbh, I know only.... 2 girls on this forum, so I just figured. How old are you ?
    lol, really ? Well, happy birthday to you! I haven't seen you arround much. Btw, that is quite an exotic nick name you have :p
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