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    I don't remember my profile being this red!
    I tried all that, and had given up if you think you can help though could you see if you can fix the problem in this example map at the bottom of this thread?
    But when you add then remove, the level doesnt stay constant it resets it to level 1.
    Can you please elaborate? I'm so close i can feel the tooltip.
    Hey, I was reading this and was wondering whether you have found a gui solution for this? Or just a reset trigger without jass or any additional programs other than World editor. I'm glad someone out there saw this bug
    S'alright. He submits it all here, so you can just copy/paste my responses if you're lazy... :p
    Yeah. I have to actually read it. If his documentation was better, and his code followed any sort of standard, he'd have a better chance of comprehension... but for the most part, I bother to read/learn it anyway.

    Good to see you 'round. :)
    What about taking a force, picking a random player in the force, add it to an array, remove it from the force, and loop?
    I know that people don't like using forces, but I'm making a snippet to show a vote box to a force, what's a possible work around?
    Map Protection is for the 1337, fool.

    I was thinking there should be a tool to scramble JASS so it can not be read, so you can control what you want to be open source, or what not to be open source.
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