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  • Hi Baka! I have just finished a new version for Custom Hero Arena Defense and thought that you maybe wanted to try it. If you do it would mean alot to me if you gave it some comments. Click Me
    Hi Baka! I tested your CHLW for first time in a long time and saw that you had added the "click-to-repick" system which I thought was very cool. I have made a custom hero map based of your custom-ability system and wondered how you did it.
    Hello, I just wanted to say i really liked CHLW. I am wondering if there was any sort of official clans for this map. I host bots for clans who don't have the means to (high end equipment, fast internet etc). I would not mind giving free hosting to you so that everything can play this wonderful game.
    wow now i realized how you make the custom spell system! you use engineering skill of tinker?xD
    Hey what is the newest version of custom hero line wars because i have seen a 1.6 going around and on your thread i see a 1.43
    I read something about a CHLW tourney somewhere. Any more info on it? :D
    Did you gave me rep because I always send people to your tutorial?
    I'm my case it helped me alot when I was noob, and it still do.
    Dude!!! how do you the ability adding system, im currently making a Custom Hero map as well, please!! i need your help!! thanks! :)
    On a different note and on the contrary to nivius's post there is an item that gives a range hero sick damage and splash, however it is an orb so a range hero can't get any other orb items for it will cancel the first one such as a vamp without cancelling the first.

    I would be willing to help and test/change this map with your permission
    Hello Baka-Ranger. I am also a fan of your map. Nivius makes a good point. However, i use a different build that actually kills end-game creeps. (vamp,cleave, concentration,swift learner for faster leveling to carry my team of summoners for i am usually the one killing solo and i have 4 summoners just standing back, and Ki Ken Tai No Ichi). I also would like to add a few things that you might change for they are REAL problems. The skill poison wave in the AOE shop is apparently bugged for it causes everyone in the game to critical error when anyone buys it. Also I don't know if it is tan approved version of yours but range armor called leather armor only costs 1 gold when i believe it is supposed to cost 1 lumber.

    that's all i got to think of right now, but i am a real fan of your map and i hope u will continue making it. if u need help whit testing or anything, i who'd be really happy to help!
    i don't normally use forums like this so, if u who'd like to discuss things more u can add me to your msn or something, il send u my email in pm :D

    continue from first

    and not using that -defence aura is a sure fail for any build that really "fights" and not use summons/spells. witch to me makes it abit boring playing melee, there realy is only 1 build that works well and can kill the end game trees. (cleave,-def aura,crit,concetration,avatar)

    think u should add a skill that increases dmg ALLOT for ranged, but it maybe have some other -effects, like whit this skill u lose (5/10/20/40/80/160/320/640/1280/2560) defense or some sort

    also some times skills don't work even if they are said to work, like using the north wind thingy (20% aoe cold dmg on attack) don't seem to work when using multi, even tho its said only incinerate arent working whit multi

    also in my opinion u should buff the Command Aura and Trueshot Aura so they add abit more the end 8-10 levels
    hey! who'd like to say that i really like your "Custom Hero Line Wars" that's the only thing i play nowadays... there's a few things i think u should look into that don't really work as it is... for example:

    Marine; rage bug or something... most of the time when he fire you do no dmg at all

    Multishot; what i know at least... is that lvl 1 can fire at about 7-8+ targets and not +5 like the description says

    Ranged; ranged units dont have any way to get splash damage (except using that orb, but the splash is not worth it), i remember that a there was an aoe skill like "fire arrow" before that made it aoe, now if u make a ranged there is no way to kill in the end game... then its pure melee build that have any chance of killing...

    see second pm for continue
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    Or do we need to move the news to their respective sections once the threads are old enough, read to be put into the News Archive?
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    The 2nd thing
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    The new Discourse forum software we are moving to next does alot with the tags and also hashtags
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    OK I found the source of your burrito post stuff it is from Reddit and possibly a facebook post too but definitely reddit
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    Happy Monday!
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    Happy Tuesday :)
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    Happy Tuesday
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    Blackveiled! What is up?
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    I saw XXXConan on here the other day I dont know if you remember him
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    blasts from the past
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    I remember him, buncha old faces
  • jonas jonas:
    He's a software engineer at a hiring platform now I think
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    I wanna know if his mom is still single LOL
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    I need context.
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    Back in the day conan was a young one and his mom was single and I used to tease him that I was going to date his mom and be his daddy - yeah sounds bad now but it was funny at the time
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    his mom is my age
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    i know right it was pretty funny
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    its pretty funny
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    Thanks for the context.


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