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  • Joker. Avatar. Missing! Ha.

    Why so serious? You know? Sometimes you just gotta let it out... uh... I don't know what I'm doing here.
    Ah, so it was a cheated version of paint^^ I thought you meant an older version, I am so used to my old XP comp so I sometimes don't see any other possibilities :p
    At our Place we even have Döner Pizza... Or Lachmajun as they call it =P
    It's like taking everything a MAN likes and puts it together =P
    Yeah... Shit just got real :eek:
    Schnitzel is also one of my favourite =P Goes very well with Kartoffelpüree... Or Pommes and it litterally creates explosions in your mouth :3
    Spargel is asparagus =P You can only get them in August =P
    However, if done correctly, it tastes like lots of different veggies drenched in butter. But I don't like it for 2 reasons:
    - It looks like a Penis
    - If not done correctly, it can cause stomachache of the worst kind
    Oh well =P
    I don't like to eat Spargel, but the soups and the meats are awesome =)
    Though, slowly and surely fast food becomes popular =P
    Anyways, I love the Jellies and the Marmalade the Germans make =P It's more sour than it is sweat =P
    No need to =P Imagine you stand on a cow meadow; You see cavemen with "pimped" rides (well not really, because it looks like shit ) to your right, cows to the left and nothing in front of you and nothing behind you.
    Using the internet to communicate is like the only thing you're able to do here =P
    Also a lot of places have it way worse then Lithuania, but like I said I was still a kid when I wrote that :)
    Lithuania. Tho I wrote that when I was still fairly stupid.
    Here's not the only place that sucks. It's the same amount of "suckage" in all the post-soviet countries, or in other words most of Eastern Europe.
    Don't listen to Jimpy, my love for you is stronger then his. Come on Sexy you know which is the right choice D:
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