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    System Precise Damage Counter

    If the units are healed and one unit deals all the damage, shouldn't that unit have 100%?
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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    How about now?
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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    Sort of like that?
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    Iconpack Gauntlets

    So I needed icons for some of my items in my map and I decided to make them I think they turned out surprisingly well, actually. Just a simple recolor and clean up. Icons are based off of Blizzard's 'Advanced Unholy Strength' icon. Both the BTN and DISBTN's are included in this pack. File...
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    Spellpack The Dark Lady

    mapguy, the user can change the abilities in the end so it doesnt matter if its overpowered in the testmap.
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    Spell Energy Field

    Isn't keg also easy?
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    A "Swap" system, needed ? (From a command in "DotA" ;))

    This seems really useful, though I think you should have a constant to see if you want items to switch over, and also a constant if you want the heroes to unlearn all their abilities.
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    Spell TimeWarp (with Videos)

    This system (well, at least when I used the All-time template) stops working for heroes that revive. EDIT: Nevermind, its just the All-time template.
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    Tutorial Z-Factor and Proper Late Game Balance of Power

    Wow, I actually never really paid much attention to the 'Snowballing and Z-factor' before reading this tutorial. I just thought that it was natural, but you proved me otherwise. +Rep
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    System stringPlayer

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the order of these two lines be switched around? set playerNamesColored[i] = playerColorStr[i] + playerNames[i] + CLR_END set playerColorStr[i] = tempPlayerColorStr[GetHandleId(playerColor[i])] EDIT: Tested. It won't work unless you switch them around.
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    System BuffStruct

    ...when are UnitStruct, UpgradeStruct, and DestructibleStruct coming?
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    Removing and Adding Ability Problem.

    Did you make sure you retrieved the struct data in the second trigger correctly?
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    Spell Electric Shield

    I don't really get what you mean by the first part of your post. Move everything that you quoted from my code into the '//stuffs here' comment and call the function in the periodic trigger or do you mean something else?
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    Spell Electric Shield

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    Spell Electric Shield

    Any feedback on the actual spell?