Jul 4, 2007
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    1. Bloodcount
      well, I hope you have added some easter eggs.
    2. Bloodcount
      That is quite normal- new creator, you don't want to make the fans leave :D but don't worry, I am sure that you are gonna do fine.
    3. Bloodcount
      I can't. I am not allowed to have java at work :(
    4. Bloodcount
      okay. So, when can we expect a new version ??? :)
    5. Bloodcount
      How the hell did you get the rights to this map anyway ? :D
    6. Bloodcount
      not for a very long while, (sadly) it won't work on my PC, don't know why. I have skype and facebook though :P :D
    7. Bloodcount
      so.... you are working on pudge wars, huh ? awesome.
    8. emjlr3
      must be some sort of bug

      your welcome to try and figure it out
    9. Jesus4Lyf
    10. Jesus4Lyf
      Die horribly, or hope my team can function.. *Shrugs*
    11. Jesus4Lyf
      >Current Activity: Viewing Thread [General] Woman's nude photos exposed by tech support.
      I thought it was hilarious. :)

      >Clinkz isn't the best when facing happy-stunners who stick :D
      No kidding. o.o :P
      The number of times it took me to learn that getting a Divine Rapier in such circumstances is a bad idea... <_<
    12. Jesus4Lyf
      I played with Lyncor and went Rhasta/Gyro, which was pretty awesome. But Gyro just isn't that good...

      Thrall has high damage on his spells, but is completely worthless if I go Clinkz.

      Shadow Demon I still haven't figured out.

      Lol @ Techies 6.68. Wish I got to play that... :(

      Wisp seems worthless to me, at this point. Clinkz has Strafe, kind of makes Wisp redundant. I explained my logic to a friend - the best carry hero in the game is Clinkz. Clinkz does not need ms/as support, or TP. Wisp only supports. That makes Wisp redundant in best case scenario (that carry is Clinkz). :)
    13. Kenny
    14. Kenny
      Yeah, I didn't want too many distractions. I had uni work to do. Seems like it didn't help though... Hahaha.

      I'll get on in a sec, but I probably can't stay on for long.
    15. Jesus4Lyf
      They sure do.
      Oh, and how the heck did that Clinkz buff make it into "latest stable version"? That means it's in tournaments, now! :D :P
    16. SwedishChef
      You also had a problem with the assistance system saying no reset timer found. Have the problems worked out for you?
    17. Jesus4Lyf
      Yea. Stun is part of Status, now. :P
    18. Jesus4Lyf
    19. Jesus4Lyf
      Kinda works, since you were nagging me for DotA. Was I that friend? :)
    20. Jesus4Lyf
      One day, young Padawan. One day.
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