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    Post An Introduction/Pictures

    This place still exists :D
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    Why hello. Surprised you are still here.

    Why hello. Surprised you are still here.
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    o.o why hello there. Here, I am merely a Black Rose, rather than a witch.

    o.o why hello there. Here, I am merely a Black Rose, rather than a witch.
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    Some "little" questions about ability, and items :)

    Perhaps it's triggered to increase the charge on purchase if a unit already has one... or perhaps there is a much easier option somewhere you can edit. I'm not too sure.
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    Dummy caster not casting blizzard

    Strange. Can you attach the map where it doesn't work? Also, here's a list of possible reasons why it couldn't cast in general: • The caster doesn't have enough mana. • The caster is not within range. • The spell is on cooldown. • Logic error with code. Although your attached map works fine, so...
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    Warcraft III-related Forum Stuff

    This site isn't really catered for Warcraft III anymore is it? I mean sure the help zone/submission section still exists, but I feel that it's relatively dead here with Warcraft III (well, at least compared to other sites). Anyway, I have a few questions: - JASS/WC3 tags, are they gone...
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    Dummy Missiles

    That was merely an example to prove that enumerating in that fashion works. I assumed you had the same unit type for your missile, and that you simply attached the model as a special effect onto it. It simplifies things - having only one unit for all projectiles. This may be of some use to you...
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    Dummy Missiles

    It does work. This works: Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Footman) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Distance between (Position of Blood Mage 0013...
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    [Vanilla JASS] Trigger with both periodic event and unit spell effect

    What do you want people to say in posting this thread? Perhaps just code a simple projectile in GUI (not MUI, no hashtables and stuff that'll probably confuse you more) and then convert it to custom script. Try to understand JASS first I suppose?
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    Destroying Trigger

    DestroyTrigger() works by destroying the trigger. You probably aren't familiar with it because there is no GUI action for destroying triggers, only disabling (or turning off) them. MoveUnitXY is probably called in another script which has an event. All things require an event to work.
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    Dummy Missiles

    If you add Locust to a unit, you will have to resort to picking every unit owned by the player and then checking if they're in range. I would go with adding Locust and just enumerating this way.
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    Come back to life!

    Come back to life!
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    Elimination Tournament - One of the best custom games

    Late reply to the thread, but I HAVE! It's amazing.
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    System Damage

    Indeed it is meant to block all damage in the demo map. Strange how nothing happens upon testing. It should work without any editing. Place debug messages in the function to see if the code is actually running.