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  • Haha... at least I've made friends with a funny guy :p thanx for the AI help, although mine is a little more in-depth than that one :D
    No, I just don't make wc3 maps during the whole year, maybe for only two or three months. When I do, I also post at this forum. But now that I have over 700 posts, a custom title, and double rep power, I feel more important, which should convince me to stay around all year. Do you mind if I PM you about one AI question? I can't seem to get it right myself...
    HAHA ROFL LOL! I feel so embarrased right now... :D good one <heehee>
    That's for everyone who thought I was a decent guy :D
    not so good at art, I can draw, but I'm not good at coloring, if I can buy some graphic tablet, I'll be practicing digital art
    Ooh... I played Spirit Wars, that's a really good AI... still not good enough for me though! :D Just joking. I really liked how that game played, once I understood how it works. This is Ghost Hunters, and I'm trying to make an AI for it so that it's possible to play singleplayer, although it'll also come in handy for balance testing. However, I still seem to come across a lot of problems. If you feel like helping, just say so :p

    EDIT: Curse you! You don't know how I excited I get everytime my eyes move to the lower right of your page... can't you do something about her? :p
    Rep appreciated but not necessary :p I'm done with rep now that I have my custom title, I just help people coz I can. I'm doing pretty well, weather's finally warming up in SA. Been working hard on the AI system for my Ghost Hunters map, and it's really driving me mad! :p
    yeah we dont have, because Im from philippines, and our climate is different from the other, which means our summer will be on march to april, and june back to class.

    But for now, our university has 2 confirmed cases of A(H1N1) or swine flu virus, which means vacation for 10 days
    Warcraft IV is me for now, but I will be selecting someone who is willing to run it and answer peoples questions to the best of their ability. Most likely someone from the team since they would know a little more of the inside work.
    You're not explaining it well.

    If the maps flow into eachother, with the same characters and stuff; It's a campaign.

    If they're completely different, then you should start a new thread for each of them (AoS and TD, for example).

    If one has more spells, and the other has more units, but otherwise they're the same; merge them into a single map.
    A few different versions of your single map?
    Why not just bundle it up into one map then?

    Yes, a campaign is as you described it.
    I've tried. I get bored on the Object Editing.
    Hence why I stick to resource making. :)

    I've no idea how to make a map more popular.

    The vacation was grand, thanks.

    A mappack? It's called a campaign.
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