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  • Haha, I do enjoy playing Starcraft, but I wouldn't give up the guitar for it :p

    I'm not at university yet (I go next year). But I should be studying "Media and Internet Technologies" when I do go. (It's basically web development).

    No Skype at the moment, i dunno why really xD
    It depends what tactic you use... If you make up your own tactics from scratch, then maybe it can be considered creative :p

    In everyday playing I would say much more logical than creative. Myself, I play guitar :D
    Hahaha :D

    Hopefully we shall get some more people, but until then fingers crossed :)

    I am trying to get some IRL friends who are interested in Path of Exile to join.
    Haha well good luck with the exams, remember all the good work will be worth it! Life is so much better after school :D you have something to look forward to :)

    The map I'm making is a bit boring in concept and not very original, I'm really making it for LAN-ing with friends. It's called Undead Survival (see? very original :p), 8 players are human defenders and defend a town from endless waves of zombie attacks. 4 players are special zombie types that respawn when killed, and try to kill the 8 defenders. Whenever a defender is killed, they become a special zombie as well, so it just snowballs against the defenders until they're all eventually dead. Meh, it's just fun to code abilities again :p
    That's a plan :D I'm not having those problems right now (touch wood), but my uni work is getting in the way a lot, but I'm nearly done :D how about you?
    i didnt realize, thanks for the help, should i do that now or is did you do it already?
    i messed up that same day with another thread... it is the armor one that i made in the world editor forum, it was supposed to be in the galaxy editor forum, i musta been on something lol
    hey i accidently made a thread in world editor that i mean to have in galaxy editor, its the game mode condition thread, would you mind moving it?

    btw happy b-day

    mine was on the 5th of this month
    I'm doing well, I've just lost all my drive and motivation to map which is why I'm not around as much :( I just can't sit down and map for hours on end like I used to, these days I get bored of doing something like terraining or coding and then just stop altogether. Any tips on how to stay motivated?
    At least you will soon be clear of them then :)

    I started making websites about 5 years ago, but it is only recently that I have fully taken it seriously. I would say about 2-3 years of serious web design and development and then it has only been about 3 months that I have gone fully professional.
    Ah, you are quite busy right now then :p Good luck on your extremely important exams :)

    The time to create a decent looking website does depend a lot on what it is, but for just the design it can take anything from 1-4 hours usually.
    Nice :)

    I keep trying to start an indie game (I love them), but I never seem to have enough time to keep it going :p I am a fan of Flash, even though there are plenty of haters for it. I mostly like it for the reason you mentioned: the graphics are a lot simpler to do than with most things. Although, if you want to do desktop applications, you should have a look at Adobe AIR. The applications are made in exactly the same way (ActionScript3), but they have extended functionality.

    I personally am finishing off a web design project at the moment (which the client is being very picky with) and then I'm fancying playing some Starcraft, or equally entertaining games :)
    I'll speak to you on Tuesday on Skype then! :D
    I'll have a great weekend ;). You enjoy yourself too, and good luck with sorting things out. :)

    I will soon. I haven't been active because of that essay project thing I've been doing.
    I'm out tonight, all day tomorrow, and with the missus tomorrow night. Sooooo, expect me to be active on Sunday? :D
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  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Missing this place much. Wish that WE is still a thing now, just like the past when everything was so active.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Are you in Taiwan or Mainland China?
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I'm in Mainland. At Wuhan. The place where all shit began...
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Lol. After one whole year here, I learnt a few good and bad things about China.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Everything you do is pretty much observed. There are eyes everywhere... They can even read your Wechat texts if they want to...
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    But it's pretty much safe here. Walking alone in the middle of the night in weird dark alleys is completely safe...
  • The Helper The Helper:
    that is cool
  • The Helper The Helper:
    at least its safe
  • jonas jonas:
    Haha, I remember taking a taxi in Beijing last year and the cabbie lectured me about how safe China is compared to America, then he made a gun with his fingers and pretended to shoot in the air while making "pew pew" sounds
  • jonas jonas:
    I pmed you my wechat, I'm thinking about visiting wuhan this year
  • jonas jonas:
    Which company do you work for?
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Haha yea they'd compare my country as well...
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    Hmm i don't receive any pm? Maybe I'm using my phone. Gonna check it out using my pc later.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I'm teaching A Levels in a school in Wuhan.
  • jonas jonas:
    You should see a "private conversations" tab in the chatbox, that's where I sent it to you
  • jonas jonas:
  • jonas jonas:
    Is the school system in your country similar to Chinese school system? I could never imagine being a teacher in a Chinese school, what's expected of students and teachers is just so different from what I'd be looking for as a teacher
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    A Levels is based on the UK syllabus offered internationally. So the syllabus is similar throughout different countries, taught in english.
  • vypur85 vypur85:
    I can't speak or write or read much chinese... Too difficult....... Which also makes my life here in china a lil difficult.
  • jonas jonas:
    Oh, I see. I thought Chinese version of A-levels :D
  • jonas jonas:
    I've been using the translate app a lot on my phone. take a photo, translate. take another photo, translate again :D
  • jonas jonas:
    it also has voice translation, my colleagues sometimes use that
  • jonas jonas:
    You came during the 0 covid policy right? How'd you get through quarantine? Did you have some help with the apps and green codes?
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    If you have any Chinese you need help with, let me know.

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