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  • I've been playing around with we for 2 years or less. :p

    Lol, I don't schedule my time that well though.
    So I don't think I have time for project too. :p
    Project is nice, atleast i think ^^. Well its a hero defence and if you like playing games Like DoTa you should give it a try however might be good to have some friends with you coz still hard to get many joiners to it but has only been like a day or so its been out.
    I live at the country of the south east asia. (Malaysia)
    Yea I do have to study a lot.
    Lol, haha.
    I wonder what is a "conseptor" ..?

    Anyway, I don't have any projects.
    I'm dying from my school works already.
    ya.. try and start a thread for people to vote whether for me to come back. I really hate having to organize a giant conspiracy just to tell nemo to "get on meebo"
    3rdly, Romek is still a moderator, not a super moderator. Also... speak up on my bannage. I will be watching
    Time to catch you up.
    Romek and i had rarely talked on clan mapz. Once i got windows live me and him started to talk together. Romek and i started to have conspiracy meetings together. Talking about the issues about clan mapz. Romek has come to hate clan mapz. I started to hate it soon after trigger started to suck balls. Romek hates it because of the idiocy in there. I simply asked Romek to unban me. He did, now he got demoted for helping me.
    yes i got banned, i was banned once for life a week ago. But i had Romek unban me. Now he got demoted because he helped me out. Arti is the only person now. Trigger hates my guts
    Yep, you're not alone. :)

    Did you see what I posted in the Shaman King thread? The new ending is being scanlated.
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