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  • NP. also, make sure you opt-ed into the beta from the site as well (same thing as the sc2 beta, just make sure diablo universe is checked under the "betas im interested in" and the computer specs are there (if not u gotta re-DL the thing for windows or mac)
    Hey that's pretty crazy, well done! I have'nt been played sc2 online since I moved house and lost my adsl, and I started playing Minecraft so that's dominated my free time so far :D I'm keeping well, although I've developed a strange problem that makes me feel sick if I game for more than about 3 hours at a time, getting it looked into by doctors but they're still doing tests at the moment. Really looking forward to Heart of the Swarm though :D
    No I am on my sister's labtop. I can't install it. I have MSN but thats about it.
    I altered the options for "Default View Age (Default date cut-off for thread display)" on your profile... See if that helps at all? To see your tutorials.
    Can any of your Tutorials be moved over in to Strategy? PM them to me if they can.
    Getting my hair cut! I hate getting my hair cut more than I hate the dentist. :p

    How about you? :D
    I see more than 11? Make sure you have your display options correctly set.
    After my work today, I am going to re-read some of the tutorials and have a goal of moving some of them over. :)
    Oh I thought my last message told you. I got a new(er) computer up and running that a friend and I patched up. So yeah freely obtained computer.
    I was just away for today, sorry RL stuff. I have given access to Monsterous sorry for the late reply. I can try to finish spell checking it tonight over here (right now), but I am somewhat preoccupied with other matters. If I get time I will definitely do that.
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