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  • Thanks! >.<
    I'm doing a semi-internet-semi-revision thing right now. I think I'll sit down and do a past paper or something.

    But yeah, that explains the overall lack of decent activity besides lurking. I'll talk to you properly soon. :) <3
    Well, I don't know Vestras at all, and for a clueless bystander that didn't look like truth rather than rude. I'm sorry if you think I did you wrong, but don't forget that you were debating in a public forum, and seasoned members like you should set the tone. Debating like that may be very appropriate and very cool in a friendly, private setting between the both of you, but in a public forum I would say it is close to the border of what is acceptable and what is not.
    I know that I am not a moderator, and I am in no way your arbiter or whatever. I have been giving this nice tool of reputation, however, and I am free to use it in a way I see beneficial to the forum. I don't know how many points I deduct, so if you think that number is a little bit harsh I am sorry. It was only meant as a small notice, not as a sledgehammer.
    Sounds like an interesting idea, I have sent you an invitation on MSN.
    LOL. I try to be. I just don't seem to have as much time as I used to. :(
    Hopefully I'll use my ~3k bonus pool sometime over the easter holidays. :p
    Oh, sucks about the teachers. I had this week off from school, and was hoping to spend some more time on SC2 and Thehelper. However, my social life seems to have gotten the best of that. I've also got quite a bit of work to do for when I get back. Education'll be worth it in the long run though. ;)

    I'm glad you're enjoying life though. :D

    My SC2 bonus pool must be over 9000 by now. I haven't been on for an unbelievably long amount of time. :(
    Heyyy. :)
    Ermm, I'll leave the thread be for now. If it turns troublesome, report it.

    It's been a while since we've spoken though! How've you been? :)
    I wasn't meaning anything special, however if you've seen hundreds of posts by one user you probably aren't as inclined to miss a post by him :)
    As far as I am concerned, Rage quitting is when you leave without being polite. If you know you are going to lose and say "GG", etc. then it isn't rage quitting. That's just being practical.
    Do you mind putting your country in your form? (I was going to put you down as Bulgaria, but I might be getting you confused with someone else) just think its interesting if we have all the flags in the bracket. xD
    While creating a tower... looking at the function list... for parameters and stuff...
    I use call GroupEnumUnitsInRange... but whatta i do?
    i put the parameters as (group,RANGE,x,y,condfunc)
    even though it was (group,x,y,RANGE,condfunc) XD
    spent 2 days trying to freaking debug this thing!!

    gosh I feel stupid... :D
    can't wait to get SC2 aswell to finally get good at melee :D ( and use the impossible editor :p )!
    lol I will play on europe server
    the ratings confuse me but... I can live with it..
    I have a friend that is getting SC2 aswell and he is a hardcore gamer so hopefully we can join up sometime :)

    but I'm mapping WC3 for one last time :p
    to make a tower for the contest... oh how I have forgotten how the syntax works... xD
    but I feel I need to make a goodbye before I switch to SC2 :D
    getting SC2 for christmas!
    but I suck at all RTS's xD
    found out the hard way by being beaten by a medium ai in C&C generals...

    so how have you been? :D
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    Happy Friday Night!
    Happy Friday Night!
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    Going out of a town for the weekend will be back sunday night! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Happy Monday!
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    Monday? Speak for yourself. :p
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    Happy Taco Tuesday!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Tacos! :)
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    Check out the discord for taco pictures :) You cannot put pictures in this chat
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    Damn here come the bots again - 193 online but they are totally invisible to any stats - bunch of bots!'
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    Re: Taco Tuesday, if there were some way to share edible tacos over the internet, technology would be complete.
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    One can only wish!
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    I'm back from Taiwan
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am reorganizing the site I know nobody will notice but I am not done quite yet but the main forums order has been changed and there is a new news category in Other News which is all the remaining headline news stuff not categorized - Headline News is just the stuff that shows on the main page now and the news archive is off the main forums page
  • The Helper The Helper:
    and the real archive lives off of headline news
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    Happy Monday!

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