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  • Sorry, I was not awake :(

    Can you be on 4 hours from this post? ~8:30ish PM GMT

    I have to go to work from 5 PM to 8 PM
    Ugh not well. Got sick last week friday and been nauseous since monday, I've had to write 4 exams while being nauseous. I'm glad tomorrow's my last one!
    ahh you know... a bit... not really much for me these days...
    I thought about SC2 but from what lots of people have said I didn't really want to get it as I only wanted it to make maps... but the editor is complicated (alot)
    I have got into C++ instead and am learning with a friend so things can sort themselves out between us both.
    I have tonnes of coursework aswell this year for exam preparation so I don't have excess time to map/learn/anything other than revise/do work >_<

    so how are you doing? :D
    Somewhat, yes. Dying from the inside a little bit every day. And a big bit every day I got to spend in the forest (12 days in the next 3 weeks -_-).
    Yeah, it is indeed approaching. I was in the forest from Friday through Wednesday, and we had snow from Friday 'till Monday. Was pretty funny the first snow happened to land exactly when we went camping. x)
    Nah, not too hard. It's mostly pretty nice, especially all the people I'm there with. Unfortunately, though, I've heard that of the next 9 weeks I'll spend 5 in the forest... -_-
    Long time indeed, I'm only using my computer on the weekends because of the army. But now the policy about using laptops in there changed due to some things, so I might take mine with me and visit this place almost daily. :)
    in the immediate future, pass final exams and then play PC until my eyes bleed :D but next year I'm studying multimedia. I aspire to be a games designer, but I'll get a solid job before I chase my dreams :D
    Well for me right now it's 6:16pm :) I would be playing sc2 right now if I had adsl or if zerg was a little more balanced :/ I play ONLY zerg, I still think they need a scouting mechanic and terran needs less options overall!!! In south africa its just warming up, the afternoon storms have started (they come almost every afternoon in my province) but where I live storms usually go right past.
    pity... I finished school last week :D atm I'm trying to balance WE with studying, with not much success for studying. Doing well otherwise :) how bout u?
    I'm still around on SC2. :p
    I just have heckload of work to do at school. I'll try to make some time for SC2 more often.
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