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  • Miz is not the only one debating to himself. Just a minute ago I was wondering... Am I spamming Bloodcount's visitor messages or am I not?

    Obv. the answer came in the form of a "yes".
    Sry, but going away for dinner, Ill be back later tonight and we can test TD
    Give me speccs about the emblem you wanted and I'll see what I can do!
    Yes you are still in, I debated with myself whether or not I should do a PM confirmation. I decided not to and just let you guys play, because most of you people don't want to wait anymore
    Sure, I'll add you when I get home tonight! Yeah, 4on4 is awesome, the more the merrier really applies :D
    I'm doing just fine. I check in every week or so to see if anyone wants to chat, then I go on my marry way doing my projects. Just about to finish up on a rulebook for a tabletop mech game. Will upload it when I type it up.

    Thank you for checking up on me. I wouldn't have said a thing if you didn't ask how things were faring with me. What about you? How are things in the land of Bloodcount?
    BLAH! Well. Currently testing out. although slowly. I'm being more casual with the map than professional.
    hah! well. i don't particularly like having to keep refreshing and clicking stuff. i wish it worked you for you :) I don't skype.
    e 4ak da se zaburkwam prosto da mu pomogna na pi4a
    nqmam namereniq da wlizam w nqkuw team i taka natataka
    prosoto kolkoto powe4e pomagam tolkowa powe4e nau4awam
    A Limited Edition will be made for my friends (personal friends) and everyone on the team. Although, I will make exceptions for special friends ;)

    It will come with a metal case and special installation instructions + poster.
    Hey I just realised something after a post you made on the sc2 version of EleTD... considering there's a new editor that most/all of this WE community will probably be switching over to, that means there are no more experienced editors :p that means that in a while, we'll all be experienced editors :) me happy now.
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