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    Iconpack Bogrim's Evergrowing Icons Collection

    Sure can do. I included some of the icons I made for WoW as well as some of the icons from my map:
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    How to detect a duration of Stats gain skills?

    This would be a valid concern if we are talking about a unit that can take such large amounts of damage, but most likely the damage in your example would mean the hero dies since 60*19 = 1140 damage taken, making it the absolute peak in the trigger and assuming all the damage taken are constant...
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    How to detect a duration of Stats gain skills?

    For one thing, you used GDD_DamagedUnit when it's the same as Triggering Unit, only it's a global variable instead of the local variable that saves the local instance data through wait periods. The difference here is that you create an additional unnecessary periodic trigger that only serves to...
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    How to detect a duration of Stats gain skills?

    That's... really making the trigger a lot more complex than it needs to be, Cookie. I don't think you know GDD that well. Strength Expiration Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions (Level of Your Ability for (Triggering unit)) Greater than 0...
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    how to make units walk on water using item/ability

    Adding Crow Form does not change the unit's path type, but allows you to change the unit's flying height with triggers despite the unit not being a flying type. It's a bug that many map editors take advantage of to create special effects, but it does not change the AI's path behavior. The...
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    Not real channeling spell

    There's a better solution to this. Make the channeling spell a transformation and disable the alternate unit's attack (assuming you were literal when you meant only move), then trigger the effect when the transformation ends. This will also give you the nice "channeling" bar on the unit where...
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    Ability "Double Shock Wave"

    Locust is the ability used by the summons in the Locust Swarm ability. It turns a unit into a special effect, rendering it both invulnerable and un-selectable as well making the units movement ignore any path obstacles. Removing the properties of Locust (or Locust itself) from a unit has an...
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    Spell trigger doesn't fire under certain conditions. Why?

    Out of experience with using Breath of Frost and GDD, I doubt that really works and you may want to test more thoroughly. Breath of Frost usually runs more than one check on a unit, causing your trigger to fire several times and dealing more damage than intended to the unit. Instead, add the...
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    Ability "Double Shock Wave"

    If you use locust the unit cannot be damaged by the missile. Placing a unit at the finishing line and detecting the damage caused by the missile will easily allow you to find the exact moment at which the missile hits the end of the cone with a damage event. This could be done graphically by...
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    Ability "Double Shock Wave"

    Create a dummy unit at the finishing point and detect when the shockwave damages the unit, then create a new dummy unit that casts the second shockwave. If you don't wish for a targetable dummy unit, you could alternatively trigger the projectile yourself by moving the shockwave with a periodic...
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    It doesn't really matter which file path you give your icon or what you call it really. You could name your icon FunnyPath/Blargh.blp if you wanted to. However, the path the game will always check for the disabled version for when the icon is greyed out will always be...
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    Iconpack Bogrim's Evergrowing Icons Collection

    < scroll down to post below >
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    Removing one-animation special effect instantly?

    I think it's possible to alter a unit's transparency setting for local players to duplicate the effect of a special effect only visible to one player.
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    How long exactly is 0 second wait?

    Waits are not accurate and should be avoided all together. If you don't have access to JASS, use a timer and save any variables you need carried over with the timer using a hashtable (timers have their own unique ID). Use an array if you need the timer to be MUI.
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    Tutorial Clumsy but Effective GUI damage detection

    This system doesn't detect damage though. It detects life changes over the span of 0.50 seconds - usually more because of the large inaccuracity in the wait action compared to a timer. One of the many reasons for this doesn't make a damage system is because if the unit is healed you can't detect...