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    Sci/Tech Spider Silk Could Weave Biodegradable Computer Chips

    Every time I find a house spider, now I can boost my CPU performance!
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    Sci/Tech Mouse faces extinction as computer interaction evolves

    Yeah, six year old fingers can handle a touch screen pretty easily. My real-life fingers, meanwhile - even if I use my pinkies to try to type - the touch screen and I are going to have many serious disagreements. The mouse is good, though I agree with the poster above me - mind control is the...
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    Sci/Tech Mysteries of Saturn revealed: Nasa probe captures clearest views of planet's rings and 'tiny moons.'

    Earth sux, we need a better planet. I imagine living on a moon of Jupiter must be a really fantastic view. Greek Mythology, religion in general, would have been so much more interesting then. The visual treat would be literally breathtaking, perpetually.
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    WIP Back To Footman Empires Project :o

    I can improve the terrain for you if you want. I am fairly not too terrible with that sort of thing.
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    WIP Back To Footman Empires Project :o

    Looks pretty awesome to me. Too bad I have zero time to try it out at home.
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    Sci/Tech Astronomers Discover Galaxy They Thought Couldn’t Exist

    The gigapixel will help to study this more.
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    Gaming Blizzard facing Legal Indictments from France & Germany

    I suppose it could be beneficial for someone who was playing single player for fun but wanted to transfer their achievements to the online experience. Though for a game like StarCraft, I hope we never see that kind of sacrifice. The only thing you take away from you after each game of single...
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    Sci/Tech MacBook Pro Retina has SOLDERED MEMORY

    That's exactly it. They silently updated it. It should also be mentioned on their site that your flash storage is also soldered on, and let's not forget that the battery is for no apparent reason glued on. However they do mention that you get a one year warranty on it, unless you pay them an...
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    Sci/Tech MacBook Pro Retina has SOLDERED MEMORY

    The display is pointlessly large, they could have gotten away with far fewer pixels and achieved the "retina" effect from normal viewing distances. Either that or they should have installed a much better GPU. They hailed Diablo III as an early adopter for the retina resolution but they failed...
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    Sci/Tech Nvidia Introduces World's First Virtualized GPU Technology

    It's fundamentally flawed for fast paced games, which is what most people who care about a graphics card play. I can imagine a bandwidth explosion for 1080p+ gaming. However, it would be good for rendering visual software such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, and could also cut down on piracy of...
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    Sci/Tech Real spray-on clothes to hit the catwalk

    I'm sure I sold at least one of those guys a MacBook Pro. That is a very Apple-oriented university.
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    Diffrence between Rad2Deg() and bj_RADTODEG?

    No one I have seen has done any tests to confirm that one produces different results from the other. It's there because Blizzard wanted it to be there. One less-evil but unecessary function is I2R, especially when the GUI adds it, since it's only useful for division and could be replaced with (i...
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    Sci/Tech Xbox 360 and Windows 7 banned in Germany

    I think it is xp or 2000.
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    Sci/Tech Xbox 360 and Windows 7 banned in Germany

    Pretty retarded that we can upload a video to Youtube here in Germany, our own video, and be banned from watching it because we live in Germany (because of the GEMA). However, the video is still up, and watchable from every other country we've visited. Pathetic.